• New Edge 1000 Cycling Computer from Garmin

    Garmin have announced the Edge 1000 cycling computer.

    The link below shows the difference between the Edge 510, Edge 810 and Edge 1000 and the first important feature, to me, is the larger screen. A cyclist would consider the additional segment features and advanced smartphone connectivity. The Edge 1000 has the ability for incoming call and text alerts from your iPhone® 4s or later onscreen. Shame it doesn't talk to Samsung devices, but hey for the USD$699 you have to attract the right crowd.

    In Garmin's great wisdom they are using OpenStreetMap (OSM) cycle maps, which of course is a free map that allows them to ask for top dollar but doesn't affect their lucrative profit margin, which they maximise even further by offering the very lucrative Garmin Topo if your area doesn't have the tracks. But hey, let people buy it if they feel the urge to spend $200!

    The 810 can have the free OSM maps installed, so unless you don't care for the extras, the Edge 810 may be your baby.

    Score: 7/10

    Pro: Excellent screen size

    Cons: Should have come with Garmin maps as standard, high cost.

    The guff from Garmin:

    The Edge 1000®, a top of the line cycling computer for competing, connecting, and navigating. Whether riding for a personal best or seeing where they stack up against the pros, Edge 1000 will help cyclists reach their goals with advanced segment capabilities including the ability to view start and finish point alerts, race themselves or the segment leader, and plan rides using segments*. Edge 1000 also offers instant uploads to social media, live tracking, on-the-go upload and download of data from Garmin Connect™, and advanced bike-specific navigation and mapping capabilities. “The Edge 1000 combines the essential legacy features cyclists love from the Edge Touring and Edge 810, with exciting new features including a large high-resolution color touch screen display, advanced smartphone connectivity, and challenging segment features that will take cyclists of any ability’s training to the next level,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.
    Stay Connected: Keep a pulse on the outside world with Edge 1000’s incoming calls and text message alerts1, and LiveTrack, which allows friends and family to follow races and training activities in real time. Instantly share a ride on social media and Garmin Connect™, or quickly download software updates with Edge 1000’s Bluetooth® Smart wireless and Wi-Fi® capabilities that allow easy upload and download from friendly hotspots.
    Riders can compete and challenge themselves on Garmin Connect with new segment and leaderboard capabilities including alerts for upcoming segment starts and their finish points, and Virtual Partner automatic synching with previous best, or the overall segment leader.
    Navigate the Roads: Like the Edge Touring, Edge 1000 comes with preloaded maps and points of interest, including parks and trails, to help cyclists find their way. Working like a GPS navigator for a car with bike-specific features, Edge 1000 provides courses and can guide riders back to start or calculate the most direct route and provide turn-by-turn directions to get them where they need to be.
    The ease of planning rides with Edge 1000’s round-trip routing capabilities allows riders to simply enter how far they want to ride and Edge 1000 will calculate up to three cycling-friendly routes for them, even allowing them to review the elevation profiles before making a selection. Comprehensive route planning and route elevation profiles on the device or on Garmin Connect assist riders in preparing for the toughest of climbs.
    Exceptional Display: Adopted from the renowned Edge 810 and 510, Edge 1000’s display is fully customizable with performance monitoring, advanced workout/training compatibility, and activity profiles, saving data and routing preferences to allow easy transition between different types of riding, such as road, mountain or touring. The large 3” high-resolution color touch screen display is optimal for gloves and wet days2, and has an ambient light sensor for riding at night or through changing light areas such as shade and tunnels. The display also features dual orientation* so users can position the Edge 1000 horizontally, for a wider view, or vertically, to see the route ahead.
    Edge 1000 is compatible with ANT+™ sensors, including heart rate, and Garmin’s new speed and cadence sensors. Easy-to-install, the self-calibrating bike speed sensor tracks speed and distance when GPS is not available, and the cadence sensor allows riders to train for optimal performance by tracking pedaling strokes per minute. With no magnets or other exposed parts to line up, these sensors are easily moved between bikes allowing riders to simply attach and begin their ride.
    Edge 1000 is also compatible with the new Edge Remote, a rugged, compact and lightweight remote control that allows riders to easily control Edge without removing their hands from the handlebar. Edge 1000 is the first Garmin bike computer that is compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems3 to display current gear on the screen. It’s also compatible with ANT+ power meters including Vector™, Garmin’s unique pedal-based power meter that measures total power, left/right balance and cadence. Edge 1000 comes with a preloaded power-based workout to calculate functional threshold power, from which riders can base their power training zones, and has a battery life of up to 15 hours.
    Edge 1000 will be available to purchase in Spring 2014 for a suggested retail price of $599.99, and $699.99 for the bundle including HRM3 and new speed/cadence sensors. It will be featured at Garmin’s booth at the 2014 Subaru Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California April 10-13.
    Edge 1000 is the latest addition to Garmin’s growing line of innovative fitness products developed to help reach health and fitness goals. For more information on Garmin fitness products and services, and to connect with Garmin visit www.garmin.blogs.com, http://twitter.com/garmin and http://www.facebook.com/Garmin.
    1 iPhone® 4s or later. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
    2Water-rated to IPX7; Withstands incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
    3Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems with Shimano D-Fly Data Management function.
    *Planning rides that include multiple segments directly on the device and the dual orientation screen will be available with later scheduled software updates.
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    1. Nicko's Avatar
      Nicko -
      17th November 2016

      Garmin announces a new feature for the Edge 1000 and Edge 820:

      Today Garmin announced a new partnership with the JOIN cycling platform. The JOIN applications for both the Garmin Connect IQ Store and the App Store are designed to help riders connect their daily cycling life on and off the bike. Everything users love about cycling is now combined into a single smart app for iOS.
      JOIN connects everyday cyclists from all over the world by enhancing and developing the sport’s social nature through mobile technology. Cyclists can find rides all over the world, connect with friends and other cyclists, stay in touch, ride together and share their experiences through photos and comments.
      The unique JOIN technology is available on the Garmin Edge 1000 and Edge 820 through a custom JOIN widget available on the Connect IQ store. Through the widget, users can browse and download routes and participate in rides directly from their Edge anywhere, anytime.
      JOIN is one of the many new software features released for Garmin Edge devices. Other updates include Live Track Auto Start, Strava Beacon and support for Shimano and Trek accessories. For more information, visit the Garmin Connect IQ Store. ***