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  1. Never raise your voice!
  2. What happens when Grandma gets a TomTom?
  3. What does Garmin and Napolean Bonaparte have in common?
  4. Knock before you knockdown!
  5. standup comedy - about SatNav and TomTom
  6. April Fools Day Joke
  7. what do you get when you put PMS and GPS together
  8. GPS overide
  9. Crossing the river. This one's for the ladies
  10. Hire car GPS
  11. His & Her In car Navigation system
  12. One Liner
  13. Wonder why this was neccessary
  14. GPS override
  15. Never been lost.
  16. test
  17. test
  18. "To Whom It May Concern" by The Travel Bugs
  19. Billy Connolly's view on GPS
  20. The true purpose of memory map!
  21. A "GPS" Poem by way of email