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  13. Some pics of the new car
  14. My new car setup
  15. Just the beginnings
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  17. Display of GPS Lon/Lat on Photos
  18. Roadrunner plugin
  19. Car Computer
  20. Laptop in RAV4
  21. Auto routing with Ozi!!! [very beta]
  22. Be an artist with a GPSr
  23. Synchronise GPS and Video through Webpage
  24. Rav4 Laptop/GPS mounting
  25. I've got a car PC, but I'm new to handhelds...
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  27. Car PC & GPS & Reversing Camera, and a new UHF
  28. My Gu The Beginning Of A Revoloution
  29. TOMTOM Go Video output?
  30. Troopy computer install
  31. My Trailbike & 4WD RAM Mount Setup with 60cx
  32. avayaks kayak/boat mount
  33. GUVSTS07 Install
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  35. Garmin GVN53 using the Colour VE SSV Holden LCD
  36. G'day From Brissy
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  45. Nuvi 1460LT Set in a 380 Dash.
  46. My first iPhone App :)
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  48. POIs: Fuel for S.E. Australia
  49. How to get twice as lost
  50. New Car, New laptop mount