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27th January 2006, 01:22 PM
Could someone please advise how to insert points into an existing Oziexplorer track, that is, if it's possible, so that the points can then be manipulated to more closely follow the road.

I have been given a track that is too straight to accurately follow the correct road, as there are several in the vicinity and all are very close together, even after increasing the magnification.

I can split the track and then add a piece of new track, but I was hoping that a simpler/quicker way would be available.

Thanks in advance.



27th January 2006, 02:32 PM
Hi Flatman,

There is a simpler way!

You need to insert track points around one of the track points, and then drag these new points to your required location!

Read the help file, but in saying that the instructions are very rudimentary :rolleyes:

In the track control, there is a button called "Insert Track Point" (next to the "?" button, third button from the right)
Click that, and it gives you the option to add a point, only to the right of the currently active track point!!

What I do:
Make a track point 'active', close to where you want to add some extra points.
Make sure the the "Make active track point" and "Insert track point" buttons are 'on'.
Make active a track point.
Hold the [Alt] key and press on the active trackpoint. This creates a new track point(it will be blue color, not red!).
Now make the new track point active!! and then hold the [Shift] key, and leftclick and drag the new point to somewhere more appropriate!

It's tedious to do lots of point alterations, but it's easier than it sounds :)

Remember, [Alt] click: creates new track point near the active point!
[Shift] click and drag the new point somewhere!!

Any more problems, just holler!!

29th January 2006, 06:07 PM
Hi Arthurking83.

Many thanks for the advice. Works a treat.