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20th March 2009, 03:11 PM
There is likely no easy answer to this as there seems to be no clear answer in the archives but I would like some advice regarding track recording intervals.

I have a Colorado 300 and it's set on automatic. This is fine as I rarely use the function to save the track to the PC for future reference, just as a breadcrumb trail so I can see where I've been. I've downloaded these for interests sakes and found them to be very detailed. ie a lot of points closely spaced. I don't need this and find them too cluttered.

For arguments sake, I do 90% of my track logging whilst slow 4wding (under 40km/hr). Is anyone able to give me some advice as to where to start with setting the interval or is just a 'suck it and see' thing? The logs are to be used merely for looking back and going "see, we went down that track and over that creek". On the ground it would be clear where we went since there would be a track there! We don't blaze new ones.


20th March 2009, 03:52 PM
No simple answer.
It is different for everyone.
You did not say what software & maps you are using on the PC.
In OziExplorer open the Track Contol window, then click on the 'Show Track List'.
This will give you the time of each track point (breadcrumb) & the distance from the last point.
Have a look at the time interval, then if you are finding there are too many points, set your GPS to a longer span.
Not sure about your Colorado, but my 60Cx can be set to 'time' or 'distance' intervals.

20th March 2009, 06:11 PM
As long as you don't run out of memory to store the trackpoints during a trip, I would say keep it on automatic.

That is the setting I use on mine especially when off-roading.

Advantage is that the system records points depending on circumstances. If you follow a straight road it will record the odd point, when it's a winding road, many.
If you're stationary no points will be logged.
Set the GPS to interval....say every five seconds and often detail will get lost or when stationary..unneccessary points are recorded.
By distance....set to short intervals in distance and driving over long distances on fairly straight roads you will record many unneccessary points, when set to long intervals driving winding tracks you'll loose detail.

I tried time and distance recording but reverted to automatic.
My GPS (a simple Garmin Geko 301) can store 10,000 points. No problem recording a full day, sometimes would even last two, almost three days driving.

I found that automatic gives me the opportunity to look at great detail afterwards. And if I don't need it I can filter in OziExplorer to my needs by means of the trackfilter function.
Don't know about other software but there will be a similar function in there as well.

30th April 2009, 07:58 AM
ran the etrex legend all day round town for fun (4%) usage of out of 19 savable tracks. who cares about interval?

30th April 2009, 09:31 AM
My 60CSx is set to 3 second intervals which is about right for mountain bike mapping.

1st May 2009, 11:24 AM
I've set it to "less" in the automatic mode and after some testing seems right. Normal in the auto mode had waypoints like crazy, now the track path is correct, but much more manageable. Might even try it on "least" and see how it goes but less works for me.