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23rd March 2009, 07:31 PM
Thanks heaps for the advice, will follow up the product recs by Soc and Nev.

With any form of recreational sport there will be all sorts of groups and styles. Just like GPS Australia, I participate actively with the OZPWC.COM forum. We organise frequent rides in and around Melbourne Port Phillip Bay & Western Port amongst other areas from time to time. The only time you see me about is when I'm launching/retrieving or stopping for lunch. Our rides are typically 70-110km in length taking the best part of 2/3 to a full day, usually 5-10 riders, though we had 28 riders for a megacruise held in January. My regular group rides all year round, including the cold winter days! Leaving home without my GPS is like leaving home without your mobile phone or your leg! Particularly when we venture into new territory (eg. coastal rides) the bluechart maps are critical to ensure you don't get to close to rocks/reef etc. If crossing the bay you can quickly get well out of sight of land and GPS, map & compass are just as critical for me as you guys on land. So my use is no different to a Yachtsman or Power-boat cruising from A to B to ... Z.

Unfortunately those you see hoonin around the beach (I call them the "Look At Me's" usually only come out on nice hot days, breach all riding regs and put themselves & others at potential risk, and making all skiers look bad. Frankly, it's a waste of an expensive ski (new price $15-$25k) just to play within a few kms of a local beach when the entire water ways are a panoramic, adventurous and fun playground. I love exploring the water and wouldn't have it any other way!!!