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4th April 2009, 08:15 PM
Hi Guys I thought I'd better introduce myself as I have been lurking here for a while.

I have instaled a CarPC in my 2007 Hilux Dual Cab 4wd (and did it the hard way with a laptop and a bit of other gear behind the rear seats


and a 7" Touch screen mounted where the headunit was


And a USB GPS mouse under the windscreen wiper fascia out in front of the windscreen:


So anyway, while I am laid up on crutches for a few weeks, I have been collecting a few maps for OziExplorer including Natmap, The Qld Sunmap 25k series, and quite a few others and getting them installed and working in my car.

The sunmap 25 k maps are pretty terrible on first glance, even have some handwritten feature names on some sheets! But their calibration is accurate


4th April 2009, 09:24 PM
Nice setup - looks pretty similar to mine but neater ;)
That looks like the roadrunner frontend?

5th April 2009, 12:49 PM
Thanks for the comments Festy. The install in the dash is the second attempt. (after I had to send the monitor back to Xenarc on the US for a warranty claim, but that is another story.) I hacked it down, cut out the buttons from the bottom of the monitor fascia and took it to a plastic welder who stuck it together for me and welded on some mounting tabs. Then I used a bit of plastic body filler and a coat of paint. You will find a build up thread on www.MP3car.com if you search for rodweb on that forum.

Yes I am using RoadRunner (or RideRunner which it is now called) as the front end. I run Odyssey Navigator (from www.twig.com.au ) for street nav in RoadRunner. As far as OziExplorer goes, I did a bit of work with a guy called Bugger in WA and we were able to skin RR and work around a few issues using some code I wrote using the Ozi API. Bugger is hosting our stuff for download. For more info and to download, see this thread:.

I am not sure if this is the right way to go. The more I get into Ozi, the more features I want to use, but having the main features in a touch screen friendly format is pretty handy in the car!

I might add that the finished OziEmbedded product is fully encapsulated so you could run it stand alone outside of RR and have the touch screen stuff at your fingertips.

PS. Thanks for the help last night, much appreciated.