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5th April 2009, 12:05 AM
This may seem insignificant to the majority of you but I can't tell you how wonderfully surprised to find Radio Caroline alive and well. Who is Radio Caroline? Listen to it through your PC by going to their site (CLICK HERE (http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home_content.html__0__0__1) ) read up on the history of this fantastic radio station and if you are like me passed your years of youth, listened to great music of the sixties, seventies and eighties then this is the radio station to listen to!

On the web site click on "listen live" tab on the left and read the history by clicking on the "Caroline's history" tab on the left as well.

You may be aware of a movie that is just out called "The ship that rocked", it is in part based on the many "Pirate Radio Ships" moored off shore in and around the UK. The movie has clearly taken into account the sinking of the Mi Amigo and the difficulties these radio stations had to face in dealing with every days problems such raids from UK and Dutch government agencies for "illegally" broadcasting in International waters to finding funds to broadcast what would be best described as the best radio on this Earth.

The night I listened to the DJ stating the broadcast had to be stopped and that they will be back shortly didn't occur to me there was anything wrong, until I heard from other media sources a day later, that the ship had sunk.