View Full Version : acer usb to serial link

14th February 2006, 09:52 PM
ok, after saying that the aten usb to serial i was using was problem free, it promptly stopped working.

so, the shop gave me an ACER ALU-131 usb to serial link as a replacement.

no i've got a laptop running xp so the install 3.5" disk it came with was useless.

the only driver i could find on acer site/s and the internet as a whole, fails and says its only for windows 98. aargh.

everything i can find only talks about win98.

is there some way i can get it going with this driver or does anyone know of a better driver.

or does anyone know of a fialsafe xp converter i can get this one replaced with is we cant get this one going on xp....

22nd February 2006, 07:38 AM
the aten converter fried itself and now i've given up on the acer - taken it back to the shop.

third time lucky.....

does anyone know of a usb-serial converter that is robust and WILL work for more than a couple of months???