View Full Version : Installing additional maps on Go Cruise model 4307

28th May 2009, 12:34 PM
Has anyone managed to put additional maps on the Go Cruise GPS (model 4307) with the standard Route 66 software?

I've managed to download a map for France (all 600+ MB of it) using the Route 66 online store (for free, interestingly). However I'm having real problems keeping the Go Cruise connected via ActiveSync when the Route 66 Sync software is running and so I can't copy the map file across.

I can explore the various directories on the GPS through ActiveSync when the Route 66 Sync software isn't running and I presume I could just put it in the \VDisk\Data\maps directory where the Australian map is but I don't think I've got enough room for both. I've put a 2GB SD card into it and noticed a Data/maps directory was created on it. I tried copying the france.cmap file into that directory and restarting the GPS but it doesn't appear to recognise the new map (at least according to the Extras / Maps menu option). Is there a settings file I need to change to get the Route 66 software to see the directory on the SD card? Or does it only see the \VDisk\Data\maps directory?

28th May 2009, 06:57 PM
Just tried copying the france.cmap file to the \VDisk\Data\Maps directory and not surprisingly got an error saying there was not enough disk space. Looks like you'll need an SD card to get more than one country's map on the device - as long as there's some way of getting the GPS software to see the SD card. Had a look at the Device.ini and 3DNavigator.ini files for some hint but they don't have an entry for configuring the path to the maps.