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9th June 2009, 10:56 AM
Garmin Colorado Whiz


Hi Guys,
Garmin Colorado Whiz is a Windows program that allows you to easily change
various graphics that appear on all Garmin Colorado series GPS units from
the Colorado 300 to Colorado 400t by patching the firmware file prior to loading.

Customisable graphics include the comapss dial face, roller graphic,
the texture background, USB mass storage graphic, and the odometer panel graphic.
bitmaps are auto converted to 16 bit (RGB565) format for the Colorado.

Example images are provided with the program package.
Please read documentation carefully before use.

As of the end of July '09, only 60CSx Whiz has been kept up to date.
To use Colorado Whiz, you would have to significantly downgrade your Colorado firmware.

Cheers, Art.

Colorado Whiz can be downloaded from my personal website: