View Full Version : Hema Fatal Application Error

17th June 2009, 05:00 AM
when I click on "street Nav" I get the following error message:

Fatal Application Error
Application MOBILENAVIGATOR.EXE has performed an illegal operation and will shut down.
If the problem persists contact the program vendor.
Address: 03F92424

how do you rectify it ?

also, when clicking on 4WD GPS the only map available is the basic world map.
Your description of the sequence of events using the SD card reader etc rings familiar.
I have done plenty of resets but to no avail
Is there another solution out there?
My fantastic waypointed trip thru the Chichester Ranges is looking very lost to me at the moment

17th June 2009, 05:59 AM
I had this same problem and called Hema (Queensland, I think). They diagnosed the problem (over the phone) as a faulty card and promptly sent me a new one within 24 hours.