View Full Version : I'm slowly learnin' thems ropes ;)

11th March 2006, 10:23 PM
A victory for the technologically incompetent......ME! :D

I spent all day trying to get my USB-serial adapter working on my Toshiba E800(WM2K3).

I kept getting a "registry reading" error everytime I tried to find out which ComPort it was attempting to use.....and coupled with the driver being out of date...... :mad: (where's that "banging the head against a brickwall" smiley?)

So if ound out there is a newer version of my PL2303 driver for WM2k3, and the only place I can find it was from a GPS manufacturer called Pharos, they make the mouse style, wired and bt, GPS's....etc! (Thanks Pharos)
So install that, try to find ComNo with the executable and I still get the same error....BUT! This time I perservered, and even though they said it works on COM 2, I found it on COM 4!! **Yeeehaaaa!* :D

Soon(after I register OziCE) will be working double overtime trying, to keep my tracklog of my daily travels!

The Toshi looks good in VGA (on that 4" screen), Ozi is still legible on the dashboard!!
Now....I just need to get that Voice Recognition working with Ozi!
(Name Search......... while I'm driving :D )

BTW, does anyone know of a data logging program(they can recommend) for use on WM2003?
Freeware if possible, and I know Ozi does!!(and it may turn out to be enough??)

(that's another thing I just thought of 'doingwithmyPDA'!! :p )


10th April 2006, 05:47 PM
I think i saw one on pocketgear.com may even be a few of.