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13th March 2006, 08:58 AM
Hi all, i am new here and after looking at some of the posts on the different sections here, i think that i might go for a pocket pc/ pda with mouse gps for use in my 4wd instead of a small handheld unit or laptop. I dont know much about ppc's/pda's so any advice on the different brands and models is appreciated. I have had a quick look on ebay and there seem to be alot of hp jornada's, ipaq's and palms for sale on the budget end which is where i want to start. I know i will need a USB port but is there anything else i should look out for. I already have Ozi explorer on my pc but obviously will need a portable version.


13th March 2006, 09:25 AM
Lucky you asked this now, instead of a few weeks ago!! :D

I just got myself a Toshiba E800 (bluetooth).

Works fantastic!! all for the princely sum of $360....off ebay :) :mad: :o :confused:

Yeah...that's right! I'm reading toomany bad things about ebay too....but I tought it was worth a chance, researched this dude for a couple of weeks, see how his feedback/items were going...etc!

Finally bit the bullet, and was pleasantly surprised :p

The E800 unit is a little old now, but for less than half the price of most similar Ipaqs and stuff....it works really well!
(except I can't get mine to load the WM2k3SE update :mad: )

But I got my workaround going, thanks to the fantastic community of the usual geeks out there developing hacks!! :D
(all I wanted was proper VGA support, and I got it close enough!)

It has SD and CF slots as well as BT(I just confirmed it worked well with my $15 bt dongle attached to the PC).

Ozi works well with everything set to VGA, and still clearly legible, and Name Search, was easy to use :confused:
( I'm trying to use it for searching street names from my 'digital street directory' while I'm at work...as a courier)

Mine came with a hi-capacity battery too and I've had it going all day without problems, although I will get a car charger for it.

Getting the the PDA to act as USB host, via a USB-serial adapter was a small pain, but that was because I had trouble finding the updated USB-serial driver.
Working perfect now :D :D

Apart from a small tinker with a (oldish)Palm Tungsten(something-or-other) I've never used a PDA before, and I'm happy so far, with this E800!!

I always thought that the biggest screen(without a keyboard) was the best option, especially for OziCE!
I can't see any problems with the on screen keyboard!


13th March 2006, 10:43 AM
Did you look at other pda's, ppc's ? what are the pre requisites for running mapping software on a pda ?

13th March 2006, 02:13 PM
There appears (to me, a PDA newbie) to be more WindowsMobile2003 support than for Palm)

Just about everything is available for both platforms.....but some are not for Palm (like OziCE)

I never really looked around, as one PDA looks the same as another PDA to me, but looking around the shops everything seemed too expensive!

There appear to be a lot of Dell (Axims??) available on ebay kinda cheap, but my limit was $300....(OK! so I went over :rolleyes) for something new, with support for VGA(and legible!!)

I read that when the Toshiba came out it used the best available screen (made by Sharp!) with clear VGA capabilities.

It's not too good when used in QVGA mode, but passable, and that was another reason to upgrade to WM2k3SE....better resolution all round!

Boot up time, from 'off' - 'ready to go' is about 3 seconds :confused:
(why so quick??)

As I fool with it more and more, I stumble across things, like I needed .NET2 to run some stuff(games), and that you can install programs to SD card, to save on memory....etc...

my first criteria for choosing a PDA, was 'cheap, and new', to determine if I 'needed' a PDA.......

.....now, with Sudoku for PPC, I definitely feel I need a PDA! :D