View Full Version : oztopo problem on nuvi

29th June 2009, 07:51 PM
gday guys, i have a problem with my nuvi 760, i cant search any tracks in oztopo (v2.1), when i search under addresses,i have tryed under cities aswell,even searched on mapsource (which tracks come up in the search box) some tracks come up and some dont, all settings are right (i think), only oztopo on, city nav is off, (eg. you look for the french line or warburton track on mapsource you can find the tracks and when you brouse on the gps its there aswell, when you rearch on the gps in addresses it shows up no matches.) confused !!! ive rang ---oz 3 times still waiting for a answer after 2 wks, i hope someone can shine some light on my problem , before i pull my hair out. PS.. great site and some really interesting stuff i can learn about maps etc , cheers craig...

30th June 2009, 03:17 AM
Have you GOOGLEed and checked the FAQ file for OzTopo?

30th June 2009, 06:46 PM
gday nev, thanks for that, but i did look at that site and did find that looking up addresses will not work.(just in oztopo) on my nuvi , what i dont understand is some tracks come up and some dont.(in the search). i was under the understanding that if the tracks or all tracks in mapsource are displayed (or marked), it can be searched through the nuvi aswell. is this correct ? cheers craig...