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13th July 2009, 08:48 AM
Just wanted to say that caching with a Blackberry isn't bad at all.. our first 40 or so caches were found using Trimble Geocache Navigator.

Apparently the iPhone does a good job too, but I can't speak from experience.

Obviously you'll start to get frustrated with the lack of sensitivity of the berry/or other phone based GPS, but ultimately it gets the job done.

Anyone else start out on a phone gps?

13th July 2009, 02:29 PM
I started out with a pda gps but now mostly use my Nokia 6110 with Trimble Geocache Navigator.
My problem is that I travel such a large area (Australia and New Zealand) that I ended up bogging myself down with too many "Pocket Queries" for all the areas. Eventually I gave up and now just download the query if I am obviously going to be out of phone range. I would pay extra for my Groundspeak membership if it allowed me to download unlimited caches in a query but they do not provide this option.
I now find that the gps in the 6110 is accurate enough. The more caches I own, the easier others are to find. The gps gets me to the general area then I ask myself "where would I hide it?" Earlier in my caching career, I was obsessed with GPS accuracy and still am when placing a new cache. For this I pull out the PDA gps and use a program that averages the position for several hundred samples.
The Trimble program is very good. I believe the data usage is quite low unless you download maps. I am fortunate enough to have a company phone so I never see the bill. As such, I use the maps all the time. One bit of interesting information on the maps used in the Trimble program, in New zealand, the topo maps are available. If you try to view the topo map in Australia it will tell you that they are not available. Obviously the Keepers of the Maps in New Zealand are more liberal than those in Australia. The street maps available in Australia under Trimble are still quite useful though.