View Full Version : error message 'An error occurred while building the map.'

18th December 2009, 09:53 AM

i have downloaded shonky maps and are now viewable in roadtrip.
when i try to send the maps to either the garmin device or 1gb sd card i get error message from mapinstall - There was a problem while installing maps on your device. Ensure that the device is plugged in and turned on, and try again. An error occurred while building the map.
using macbook
garmin nuvi 550 -
gadget geek card reader
installed on device internal memory is - city navigator lower 48 states (USA)
city navigator South Africa
Tracks for Africa

any advice on what to do to get the shonky maps working would be appreciated

also, while i am at it, if anyone can explain clearly how to remove the City Navigator South Africa and also tracks for Africa maps from internal memory while leaving the City Navigator USA alone, please do
thank ya'll

21st December 2009, 07:46 AM
I have only ever sent shonky maps to my Garmin (Legend HCx) from the garmin map transfer program on my MacBook using the Garmin USB cable that came with the GPS, so I can't help with the transfer via the card reader. I think I had a similar error once when transferring the maps but from memory I just set the transfer going again and it all worked.
Are you trying to transfer the whole of the Australian Shonky map ? If so you may want to select just a few maps to see if that works OK.

Bye Jeff.