View Full Version : Meridian time error!

17th May 2006, 07:30 PM
There is a time problem with the Meridian GPS's!
The time on the display is about 3-4 mins out of sync.
It therefore shows the wrong time!! (although, only by 3-4 mins)

I currently have two meridians in my possession,
My Color and my mates Platinum.(this is happening on my "other" mates Color too!)

The time on the GPS display gets out of sync with GPS time(which is close enough to UTC)

The only solution to get the local time display back in sync with reality is to do a [Clear Memory]-> 'Clear All' (kinda like a reset??)
Make sure you backup any data that;s not saved to the SD card!
Data on the SD card is not affected at all by the reset!

bugger of a thing! :mad: and it seems to happen on a monthly basis!

firmware version doesn't appear to make any difference(as far as I've seen)
Just curious if any explorist owners are getting similar happenings?

ps. the "real compass" is a handy option on the Plat! :D

:) (hope this helped?)