View Full Version : Tevion PWM 3501 - Route 66 - Navteq 2009 Q4

4th February 2010, 05:09 PM
I have the first version of the Tevion PWM 3501 which runs Route 66 with Navteq 2008 Q3 Maps.

The GPS has been great but each time I connect to the Route 66 site to check updates I loose all the maps on my GPS and have to do a reload from the disk (will not reload from the PC - crashes constantly or map transfer constantly stops).

It is now time to update the maps to the Navteq 2009 Q4 version and these are available for download from the Route 66 site for a bit less than $100 (only a bit less than the cost of the GPS with maps loaded). My problem is that on past experience that after paying for the maps and loading them onto my PC I will not be able to transfer them to the GPS because it will only reload from the original backup disk.

So anyone had the same issues and is there a way around this.