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30th May 2006, 02:45 PM
Tried to do something nice and shot myself in the foot!

....Well actually shot myself in the hand!.....with a nail gun :eek:

The nail landed in my right index finger, and fractured the bone, as one would expect from a 90x3mm framing nail.

I've been in hospital awaiting sugery for 2 days, and just got home!

It's very awkward to type and mouse with the wrong hand, especially one that's been dislocated and broken in two separate accidents (it fatigues very quickly).

I have now been blessed with incapacitaton of all four limbs thanks to this fit of incompetent carpentry, and I will try to keep active around here...in a reduced kinda way :o

ps. I'm thinking of some kind of occupational change.....maybe a 'Messiah' or 'Son of god', kinda thing! :D

30th May 2006, 02:54 PM
Oh.. not good mate, I hope it heals up alright!

I can honestly say i've never nailed my finger :P Though I have drilled a hole in my hand!


30th May 2006, 04:21 PM
Dear complete knob
A messiah or son of god sounds good
Lets start a new religion.
You can be the boss, call yourself whatever you like
I will be .......maybe a prophet and sit around and say "sagely" things.
Who knows we may make a buck out of it.

30th May 2006, 04:51 PM
were you trying to attach your self to a door or a cupboard of some sort?

I thought a screw may have been better?

Is the moral of the story not to use 3" nails on 2" timber, get someone else to hold it or to reduce the air pressure?

Bet it hurt :-)

I really am sympathetic


30th May 2006, 05:12 PM
yeah man, i know how you feel.

a couple of weekends ago i got a new pocket knife (for when out camping & stuff).

anyway, when showing it off to a few friends (after a number of beverages), i proceeded to miss handle it and open my thumb open. ouch. lesson learnt!

at least i know my knife is genuinely sharp just like you now know the potential of those nails.

here's a research task if you are bored while laid up:
whats the best 2 value for $$ pda's for gps type work and whats the best gps's for these units if they dont have inbuilt gps's.

30th May 2006, 06:52 PM
Sorry to hear that Arthur, hope it heals cleanly & gets back to full function.
I dislocated a little finger playing footy with the kids some yars ago, said she'll be right, don't need a doctor. Of course it healed with a permanent kink.

Another time I dislocated & totally tore all the lateral ligaments in my left anke.
Was on crutches for 6 weeks & went around saying "Ahhh Jim lad" & "Yo ho ho & a bottle of rum"
But I like the idea of a new religion better, how should we address you?
Perhaps given the state of your hand "Your hole-iness"

best wishes for a full recovery

30th May 2006, 07:17 PM
Laid up for at least a week!
Problem is the right hand(my favourite!!) copped the nail.
The nailgun double fired, and the second nail shot found my right index finger, it found the 50mm gap between the fence and the raised garden boxes, my wife was getting as her mothers day pressie.
Sheer dumb luck!
But my problem also got compounded by my complete 'nob-ness' in not getting it looked at until a day and a half later!
Apart from not being able to remove the nail, there didn't appear to be any damage, and I was able to finish the garden boxes (made of heavy redgum sleepers).
I got a small infection and swelling later on Sunday......and got stuck in hospital since

My left hand aint so co-operative..... even with my mouse re-configured for a lefty(and I'm not referring to any political persuasion :D )

Dunno much about current PDA tech stuff....but I read Dell x51v's have good fast cpu/video kinda things???
.....I'm already planning my next move! ;) If I can sell my Toshy!

I reckon (after seeing the difference) OziCE works so much better in VGA, apart from the small fonts, some of which are configurable :D
The Toshiba E800 only has 2Meg of ATI 'grunt'! Just enough to run OziCE, but gets video stutter sometimes if I try to open another VGA app.
Generally it runs fine, mpeg video playback is smooth..etc....

I keep seeing cheaper(AU$250) Toshiba E800's on Ebay.....super good value for money, even though they're old now.

Finding out only by using the device.....I reckon getting a PDA with all connectivity options my be a must!!
I never thought I'd need WiFi, but with wifi hotspots aplenty....now I regret it.
While I could get a CF-Wifi adapter, I'd rather that wasfree for any CF cards I may transfer from my DSLR camera....etc......

I think the X51v has the lot???

I reckon 2Gig is about the best value for money card size ATM, so having a 2 gig SD and CF cards has been my best Value/$, or you could configure the software to run off the SD card while using maps/data from the CF....etc, etc.

I'm kinda seeing a scenario where your PDA connected to a bt GPS, searching for maps off the internet via wireless connection.
I know that this system already exists with the phone/PDA systems...at a premium cost???

What about a OziMapGrabber kind of app that listens to the GPS and downloads the maps you need ;)

Is there a Google Earth or NASA WorldWind type app available for PDA's? (that'd be cool!)


30th May 2006, 07:48 PM
I'm calculating it took.. Hmm... 32.5 minutes to type all that with one hand :)

30th May 2006, 08:14 PM
I'm calculating it took.. Hmm... 32.5 minutes to type all that with one hand :)

haha yep. at least.

thanks arthur. good info.

30th May 2006, 08:15 PM
I'm calculating it took.. Hmm... 32.5 minutes to type all that with one hand :)

:D :D


Hey it takes me 10 seconds to realise the mouse is on the left side of the keyboard! :p

31st May 2006, 11:45 AM
hope you get well soon arthur. :)

28th November 2006, 06:20 PM
Ahhhhh .. work injuries.

Try to get electricuted on a 'SAFETY SWITCH'....

I did it....and took out 2 service fuses ( basically I was hit with 415 volts - 200 Amps ).

Should have lost 2 fingers...but didn't.
The doctor said I'd need plastic surgery to repair my burnt finger..but never needed that.

Back to work in 10 days.

And people wonder why the call me 'Lucky Phil'.

28th November 2006, 10:38 PM
I lost the top half of 3 of my fingerz onthe right hand in a car accident 23 years ago thats why they call me Fingwardo! Anyway dirtbikes are my thing the only problems I have is coming down big mothers of Hills,basically if anyone is in front of me they know to get out of the way if they hear me yelling cause I cant stop!! made some pretty interesting veiwing on the helmet cam!!
The funny thing about it is my hand writing actually improved! :Christz_p

29th November 2006, 08:38 AM
Let me guess... you were driving along with your elbow on the window sill and your hand on the outside of the door when the car rolled?

Dad use to have uni students for summer work. Those studying Humanities were the dumbest, one put a piece of wood in his lap and drilled a second hole in his *****.

Now THIS is a nail gun injury



29th November 2006, 02:15 PM
Nope ! I was a fearless knew to much for my own good couldnt be told 17 year old P plater who thought it would be fun getting his aunties Mazda Capella sideways round a dirt corner. Rolled it about 5 times and the finger injury was all i got out of it. Lucky not to have killed myself. I was back at Work in Tendays trying to catch up with my other navy apprentices doing Metal Fabrication.
ps nice grouping with the nail Gun :violent-s

Keeper of Time
15th April 2007, 09:15 PM
I have managed to avoid serious injury while doing DIY, it was easy really as I am crap at it and the Mrs refuses to buy me any tools.

12th May 2007, 10:16 AM
Nasty war injury stories - ouch !

12th May 2007, 10:37 AM
Does being dropped at birth count?

12th May 2007, 08:03 PM
Does being dropped at birth count?

So that explains it !!!

All I can say is never try to chop wood on a concrete floor, It tends to flick up and leave nasty gashes in your forehead ( 7cm and a sh&*load of blood)

13th June 2007, 10:20 AM
ive seen a few nasty injuries while working here and there but that sounds pretty mean!