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2nd June 2006, 03:01 PM
RE: meridian colour

rather than turn the gps off and on when leaving the vehicle, i have been just leaving it on sometimes for extended periods and because its on the aux battery, i have the light on full too.

is this doing it any damage??

ATM its on the aux battery circuit but if i put it in the cig lighter socket and turn the car off without turning the unit off first, will this do it any damage or will it just stay on using its internal batteries??

and what if it hasnt got any batteries in it, will turning the car off while its on the cig lighter just turn the gps off without damage??

anyone know??

2nd June 2006, 04:08 PM
Hi Helter,

I've done both, and it shouldn't be any cause for concern!

I used to run the GPS from the cig lighter, and it would then run from it's own battery when the car was turned off. I used to drain a set of 2400 NiMH's every week.

I finally found the energy to install the 12v power socket (I had for 2 years!!), and haven't changed the batteries for about 6 months!
(except for a small CRV3-R v's NiMH test I did some months back)

The CRV's weren't worth the effort!!

My only concern with the GPS is the light on "all the time" situation I find myself in!
LED's usually last for 100,000's of hours????

Another thing I noticed, was that even with a fresh set of Alkalines or Lithiums, the batteries would drain even though 99.9% of the time the GPS was "Externally Powered" :confused:

This isn't a problem with the NiMH's.

As far as I "know", there shouldn't be an issue with not having batteries and disconnecting the external power??
There would be if you were saving any data to SD card etc....SD card corruption??...but (without scientific proof) I've done this on (many)numerous occasions while testing/uploading maps at home (using the fixed dash mount and power data cable combo).

I find it painful to remove the batteries to remove the SD card...so I leave the batteries out and just unclip the GPS! It's never caused me trouble....though I suspect I'm about to find out that I'm doing the wrong thing!