View Full Version : eXplorist 4-5-600 with DAST maps works

Scoot Mac
22nd June 2006, 05:19 AM
I just found out that DAST, non topo version, does load to your SD card of the eXplorist range.
Thanks to help from GPSOZ.

GPS data transfer to sd card
After you have worked out the region you want to save to DAST file and your GPS, make sure itís ticked, then goto
- regions
- Upload to GPS
- choose store on hard drive
- enter Serial no. of GPS unit Ė start with the 1 and drop last digit.
- finished saving data in the right format for transfer to GPSís SD card

now to transfer to GPSís SD card.
- My Computer
- C drive
- Program file
- Magellan
- Export
- Images
- Copy the chosen region
- Open E drive (your GPS should be connected)
- Paste in detail maps
- Load to GPS