View Full Version : Updating OziexplorerCe on the HN5

The Explorer
6th June 2010, 09:44 AM
If you want to update your Hema Navigator 5 to the most current version of OziExplorerCe follow the following procedure

1. Download the wince_core_runtime_arm.zip file from Ozi website.

2. Open the file in winzip/winrar (etc) and extract the file OziExplorerCE.exe from here to your to your desktop.

3. Connect HN5 to PC via active sync and locate folder \ResidentFlash\HNOZI.

4. Within this folder find OziExplorerCE.exe and rename it to something like OziExplorerCE original.exe so that if things go hay wire you can reuse it.

5. Cut and paste the downloaded OziExplorerCE.exe to \ResidentFlash\HNOZI.

6. Disconnect unit from PC.

7. Reset device using button on rear.

8. Fire up unit OziCe should be updated to new version.

9. With V2.33a the only other file that appears to have been updated is the help file so if you want that, copy it across as well. Note: the number of files that need to be copied over may change as newer versions are released - the above procedure applies to V2.33a.

I dont know what the procedure is for the older HN as I dont have one to play with.

If you do this and it doesnt work, dont blame me :)