View Full Version : Mapsend Lite, Meridian, and DAST topo update :)

11th September 2006, 07:08 PM
I just got my DAST topo card back from Next Destination :)

They fixed the Meridian format maps now to work with Mapsend Litev2 :party-smi

I sent Eddy Yap an email about this, and he asked me to send back my Meridian version DAST topo card.
The first version they sent back to me wouldn't work with Mapsend Lite, but the second attempt at fixing the problem works.

Now I can see my DAST topo maps on the PC :D

If you want your Meridian version DAST topo to work with Mapsend Lite I suggest you give Eddy an email, or send your SD card back with your return address details (a purchase invoice is required!) and you will recieve a brand spanking new DAST topo SD card from Next Dest, and enjoy viewing the detail of the maps on the PC! With a "small" bonus too boot ;)

NOTE: You will need an SD card reader, to access the detail maps from the new SD card, as Mapsend Lite will not recognise the Meridian as a device from which to access the detail maps!

finally some form of customer support form Magellan/NextDestination :)

thanks to Eddy for his time and effort. :food-smil