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7th December 2010, 05:55 AM
Hi guys.
Bear with me ...
warning : long post:blah

Only had the HN5 for about 3 weeks, steep learning curve for my first GPS .Good price at the Perth 4x4 expo so i bit the bullet.

Need to learn the HN5 hardware, the Route 66 software, the 66 synch stuff, the Memory Maps, OziExplore CE and then the PC versions as well as file stuff, micro SDs etc. Been a fun few weeks.

OziExplorer PC trial and shareware versions do not allow many functionalities so you cannot get a true feel for what they can do before you splash more cash.

On the Hema website the Hema Navigator Explorer (HNE) has been released (free download) recently to make things "easier" to move from PC to HN5 and vice versa so I gave it a go.

Need the Australia 4WD raster map collection installed, then do the HNE installation. Also need the MS Active Sync installed to allow HN5 and the PC to talk to one another.

Phew, they don't tell you all this when you buy the thing!
Anyway here is how things work with the HNE.

Transferring waypoints, tracks etc from one to the other can be done.

1. HN5 on, OziExplorer CE MUST be running.
2. HN5 plugged into USB port, wait for Active Sync to open
3. Make sure waypoints in HN5 are cleared from the Screen:
View Toolbars, Waypoints, clear. You don't want the ones you have being overwritten.
4. Open HNE on the PC, load map.
5. Create waypoints or whatever. This seems to be kept in memory and will not be saved to HD unless you manually do the Save thing.
6. In HNE: click Hema Navigator in the file menu. Send Waypoints. For waypoints you get two options: Merge or overwrite. You want to hit the Merge option.
7. If you have a successful transfer you get a message saying files have been transferred to HN5. However you need OziE CE in HN5 to be running. Else you get no message, nothing to tell you what is going on, or that nothing happened.
8. Then you need to close OziExplorer CE on the HN5 and restart it for it to read the files transferred! Voila.

Seems the new transferred files are kept in HN5 flash memory somewhere and still needs to be saved and renamed to the microSD.

Only problem is the HNE does not read gpx files.
I downloaded these from a 4x4 website and so cannot really use HNE to access them.

I note the full OziExplorer PC does have this function (greyed out in trial version and demo needs bmp maps to load before you can even play with it).

Another problem with HNE.
Once gpx file is downloaded and converted to wpt: then go Load, Load Waypoints from file, select the file to load. If you are on the correct map all good. If you are not on the correct map you have to go to Waypoints list, select one from the list , Find map for selected Waypoint, you get a list of maps to choose from, choose the one you need and hit Open. The correct map opens but without the waypoints. You need to load these again.

So all in all if you go HN5 and HNE there is a bit of mucking around with software etc and then a fair few hours with the help files and manuals. But it does work and if you only plan to use your own plt rte and wpt files all should be good.

Transferring routes, plts and rte from the HN5 to the PC via HNE is just as easy.

In summary, because this is free software can't complain, but there is a fair bit of futzing around. For more functionality, mainly being able read gpx files I wil prolly still have to go to the full OziExplorer PC version. I am thinking it will be quicker to just transfer the files manually, but you need to know where on the SD they go.

Just my 2 cents and a heads up.


Wahroonga Farm
7th December 2010, 06:41 AM
Thanks. :hatoff

7th December 2010, 08:59 AM
Hi Kris

Thanks for that short intro to the Hema Navigator. If you have more to say we would be glad to hear about it. If you add another two same length reviews on the GPS regarding installing and choosing maps or the on-road/off-road navigation modes, I will send you a TwoNav 5 to compare.

7th December 2010, 10:45 PM

I thought there were only 2 navs: VMS and Hema :hysterica

Anyway that looks like another serious learning curve.
(Hope you are not saying i bought the wrong gps...)

Still, i need to spend more time with this Hema thing for now, out on the road this w/e.

Maps: now that looks like another saga.
One step at a time.

8th December 2010, 07:06 AM
(Hope you are not saying i bought the wrong gps...)

No, just saying I would like someone who has the inclination to get to know their GPS and you seem a likely candidate to be able to do a comparison. If you bought a VMS then I would have said you bought the wrong GPS ;)