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23rd February 2011, 10:41 AM
GpsGate Server 3.0 released!

GpsGate Server is the intuitive and open GPS tracking platform that grows with your business requirements.

Here are the most important news about our GpsGate Server 3.0 release.

The GpsGate Server 3.0 Platform

The GpsGate Server 3.0 release includes a re-designed reporting framework, application templates, new dispatch and job handling modules and workspaces for flexible user interface setup. This is a great platform to build from!

Read more about GpsGate Server 3.0 (http://newsletter.gpsgate.com/lt.php?c=32&m=12&nl=1&lid=302&l=-http--gpsgate.com/blogComment/gpsgate_server_3_0)

Simplified configuration with application templates

Application templates package GpsGate Server functionality for easy application setup and configuration. You can now create applications using pre-configured templates to minimize your configuration tasks.

Read more about Application Templates (http://newsletter.gpsgate.com/lt.php?c=32&m=12&nl=1&lid=303&l=-http--gpsgate.com/blogComment/using_application_templates)

Improved Reporting framework

GpsGate Server 3.0 includes a completely re-designed reporting framework for easier report configuration and increased reporting performance. Report templates are downloaded to your GpsGate Server from the Site Administration application. We are continuously publishing new reporting templates for common reporting requirements, so please contact us if you need a specific report template!.

Read more about the reporting improvements (http://newsletter.gpsgate.com/lt.php?c=32&m=12&nl=1&lid=304&l=-http--gpsgate.com/blogComment/activate_reports_in_gpsgate_server_30)

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23rd February 2011, 11:09 AM
..and with only 22 pieces of Lego !! :hysterica