View Full Version : using smartphone gps with computer?

The Lobster
13th March 2011, 07:29 PM
Evening all,
I've done a bit of web searching and forum searching but haven't been able to find much on this.

I currently have a Transystems bluetooth GPS receiver that I use to supply GPS data to Garmin Nroute and oziexplorer on my netbook in my land cruiser. I recently got an Andriod based smart phone (motorola defy). Just wondering if it's at all possible to use the phone to feed the gps data to the netbook and do away with the dedicated GPS receiver?

I guess I would need an app to achieve this but haven't been able to find anything to do the job so far. Short of learning how to write an app to do this myself, does anyone have any info that might be useful?


The Lobster
15th March 2011, 07:45 PM
After altering my searching techniques a bit, I've found a few android apps that seem to do what I want - turn my phone into a bluetooth gps receiver for my netbook.

I've found a couple of free ones, "ShareGPS BETA" and "GPS 2 Bluetooth v.2".

There are also a couple for around $2: "Network/Bluetooth GPS" and "Bluetooth GPS License".

I haven't tried any yet, but I'll check out the free ones first, and if they work ok, I'll post up here.