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29th April 2011, 03:22 PM
Magellan Handover

As from 1st May 2011 , all SALES, SERVICE and SUPPORT for Magellan will be provided by MITAC Australia through their NAVMAN office in Sydney.

Next Destination will cease to provide any of the above services and if any product is sent for repair or warranty, it will be forwarded to Navman which will in turn delay the process.

The Magellan free phone number is now handled by Navman.

SUPPORT contact: Chris McKay
PH: 02 9879 9020
Email : chris.mckay@navman.com.au
Address Suite 2 , 408 Victoria Road , Gladesville , NSW 2111

I thank you for your support over the years and I leave you in the capable hands of MITAC , the owners of Navman , MIO and Magellan.

Sincerely ,
Doug Lloyd Managing Director - Next Destinatiom