View Full Version : iPaq 4700 Suction Mount Problem

Beast Of Bodmin
15th November 2006, 07:15 PM
I need some advice........
I have a problem with a Seidio mount for the hx4700. I was really happy with this (until it packed up) as l can have one power lead to power the iPaq & Meridian plus it has cable gps comms into it also.
The suction cup and stem are great but the pda seat itself has stopped comms and power feed to the pda.
For info, I'm not looking to replace the Meridian with B'tooth.

So what can l replace the mount with - rugged for hvy 4x4 work is the main objective?
I've been told 'clicon' do some good stuff but cannot see such a versatile mount on their website.
RAM also have many parts that can make a good system but again there is no easy replacement with good connectivity.

Advice needed on what you've found that works.