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15th July 2011, 11:17 AM
I have just bought a EZY40, and after installing the Navdesk7.00 software on my computer and connecting the GPS to it, I am informed that there is an update for the Navdesk software and an update to the SmartST software on my EZY40, clicked the links and nothing, both are dead links. So after some calls to Navman, and them just giving me the same dead links. ( This link does NOT work for obvious reasons. :crazy

I tried a few combos of the links and eventually found the software on the site, :hatoff so here it is.

Navdesk 7.30.0008 (suits both EZY30 & EZY40, not sure about other Models)

To install the new version of NavDesk, uninstall your old version first, and then install the new version, make sure you do NOT tick the 'delete maps from this computer' or you will have to acquire the maps again' I dont want people saying I didnt warn them. :hitpc


To install the SmartST software to your Navman EZY30/40 , make sure your Navman is connected and just run the above downloaded .exe file.

Latest Maps for EZY30 & EZY40 (2010Q4)
(This only applies to people who are eligible for the free map upgrades, if you are not eligible, make sure you actually purchase the upgrade or you will not be able to install the new map!!, you have been warned!!)
To install maps, download the map to a folder on your computer, open Navdesk, and plug in your EZY30/40, select 'My Maps' tab and click the 'Change Path' button, enter or browse to the path of the folder where you saved the downloaded map.
Next click the 'View Installed Maps' button and in the 'MY Navman' pane, put a tick in the Aus map box, and click the 'remove maps' button. (please backup your navman before doing this as some people have had problems with not being able to install the new maps, wrong models or just newbie, im not sure, all went well for me), after the map has been removed, click the 'My Maps' button and open the new map you just downloaded, it will then display the same screen as before, select the new AUS map in 'Map Source' pane, and click 'Install Map', and you are done

Hope this helps some of the frustrated Navman users out there.

(PS I know this is posted in Hardware, so Mods may want to create a new 'Navman' topic in Technical Help > Software Help)

15th July 2011, 01:10 PM
Thanks for the info, will be greatly appreciated by Navman owners. You have the post in the right section as the updates are to do with a hardware device.