View Full Version : Extra Screen for PDA

25th November 2006, 02:52 PM
Can someone tell me if you can plug an extra screen into a PDA? I'd like to be able to run something like the Lilliput touch screens as an extension to the PDA to get a bigger screen.
I've got a HX2410 iPAQ, and a H4150 iPAQ.
Would it be just a matter of a plug in cable?


25th November 2006, 03:40 PM
I reckon the biggest hurdle(s) will be:

PDA that supports USB host ability...
ie. the PDA can control the USB device for touch screen

PDA USB driver for the remote screen... I'm guessing that they'll almost exclusively be written for Windows XP only(maybe '98 and 2K) ... they're possibly be too complicated/large to work on a PDA??

I know you can get PDA's that support VGA output, to run an external screen, but the chances of them working on touch screen(to emulate the PDA touch screen) is remote :confused-

My Toshiba E800 does VGA out....

I reckon most high end PDAs will do VGA output!(it has to have VGA screen res to begin with though)