View Full Version : How to use Maptiler

14th December 2011, 08:18 AM
Maptiler is a program used for creating map overlays for Google Earth. To create a georeferenced map for Google Earth:

1. Download maptiler from http://help.maptiler.org/betatest/ and execute the program.

2. Open the program and choose the 'Google Earth (KML overlay)' option.

3. Put the image file of you choice in and Georeference it if it is not already.

4. Select what Spatial Reference System is used in your file and put in the necessary coordinate information. Press the set button once you have finished this.

5. Select your zoom levels (these are normally automaticly set by the program for your image). But you can eaily change for your own needs. Then select the type of image you want.

6. Choose where you want the new files to be saved.

7. Select you viewers (Google Earth Superoverlay).

8. Render your file.

This should come out as a .kml file which can be opened in Google Earth. There are other functions for this program but I have not studied them. (I think they use the same principles).