View Full Version : MUD MAP v3.1.1 is live on the App Store

16th March 2012, 04:37 PM
The latest update of the MUD MAP Australia app (to v3.1.1) is available now from the App Store for $2.99 (free for existing customers)

What's new in v3.1.1

New Features:
• Map Update: SmartTOPO™ Australia has been updated to Q3 2011 NAVTEQ data.
• Added the ability to purchase maps from within the app from the Map Store.
• Added the Tap to Zoom on map feature. Double tap to zoom in, 2 finger tap to zoom out.
• Added Google road & Satilite maps.
• Added Background tracklog recording, even while your iPhone is in SLEEP mode. To use this feature, press the SLEEP button while MUD MAP is running.
• Optimized power consumption. Up to 8 hrs of continuous tracklog recording for iPhone 4 / 4S or 6 hrs for 3GS from a full charge.
• Optimized tracklog recording with smoother tracklogs, especially around corners.
• Added controls to hide and show the active tracklog.
• Changed the order in which tracklogs & routes are shown on the map.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed an issue where the input latitude always defaulted to 0.
• Fixed an issue where UTM coordinates were not converted properly on negative longitude values.
• Fixed an issue where there was no way of hiding saved track logs.
• Fixed an issue where finding addresses would cause the app to crash
• Fixed an issue where tracklog would keep recording after reaching the 5,000 point limit.
• Fixed an issue where the elevation contour icon did not reflect it's show/hide state properly.
• Fixed an issue where a destination can't be cancelled until there was an interaction with the map.
• Fixed an issue where overlays would move randomly when zooming.
• Changed the displayed format of tracklog duration. Now duration is displayed as xx hr xx min xx sec.

28th April 2012, 08:54 PM
Can't seem to find this update. App Store only has version 3.04. Am I doing something wrong?