View Full Version : Recover Bricked Mio Moov A350

2nd April 2012, 05:12 PM
Hello all from a new member!

I successfully installed Mio Pocket ver? 4, I think, on my Mio Moov A350 last year, It ran fine in default mode as well as in Mio Pocket but after a couple of months it started booting strangely and eventually stopped booting before I could remove Mio Pocket or diagnose the fault. It now only shows the Mio splash screen up startup. I sourced the correct rom and I have used a combination of tools in conjunction with the pin 9 process to get into the main programming/flashing menu and even successfully flashed it but the end result was it still only boots to splash screen. Any ideas on how to recover this???

Thanks for any help.


7th April 2012, 06:22 AM
I have discovered that I have not actually been successful in flashing the mio, DNW displays a progress bar showing movement
but there is no connection to the device so the flash isn't taking place. There is a USB device there in Windows but Activesync is showing no connection.