View Full Version : Explorist 400 and OziExplorer

8th January 2007, 01:08 PM
I'm trying to help a friend with a Magellan 400.
When I try to export/import Waypoints (or POI's as Magellan calls them) OxiExplorer opens up a sort of file save box which I can't seem to get to work. When I have my Garmin hooked up it just goes straight into file transfer mode and ..zap.....everything is done.
Unfortunatley I wanted my friend to leave the GPS and all the software with me to fiddle around with but she needed it for a upcoming trip.
Well she is back and wants me to help her again. She also states she has phoned support etc and they said OziEplorer will not upload/download Waypoint to the Explorist.
Sounds a bit of rubbish to me. Can anybody enlighten me or head me in the right direction so I can be prepared when she brings the GPs back?

thanks for ANY help

The Explorer
8th January 2007, 01:26 PM
Firstly eXplorists work fine with the current version of OziExplorer.

The eXplorist behaves slightly differently to other GPS units in relation to file transfer - they behave like an external memory device and waypoints and track files are transfered in the same way you would to a card reader for example. So when the file save box appears in Ozi...navigate using normal windows file explorer methods to the directory on the GPS, it will show as an additional external drive/removable disc eg F: The directory you need to export/import waypoints into is labelled "My POIs", tracks go into the "Track Log" directory.

It sound like you have config in Oziexplorer set correctly for explorist ie most import is GPS model set to Magellan USB.