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8th December 2012, 07:51 PM
I`ve installed TwoNav 2.7.1 on my iphone 4 and have tinkered a little , made a track or two to test it . I`m wondering if someone can tell me how to get these tracks from my iphone to Land 7 .

The "Connect to iPhone' tab has been located , but as yet communication between iPhone and computer hasn`t happened .

Does someone have a better understanding about the process ?

I`m using Windows 7 and my iPhone is using IOS 6.0.1 , the twonav software is 2.7.1

14th December 2012, 08:42 PM
Really ? .......... no-one knows how ?

15th December 2012, 09:59 AM
I honestly don't know and I am sorry I forgot to ask the tech the past week. I will ask on Monday. I am sorry I am no Apple expert.

15th December 2012, 01:19 PM
I`m wondering if someone can tell me how to get these tracks from my iphone to Land 7 .

Hey Cattle-ist,

Like Nicko, I'm no Apple expert. However, I did use an iPhone for business a couple of years ago, and seem to recall being able to navigate the "folder" structure from a PC - perhaps via iTunes? (This was using WinXP at the time, FWIW).

If you are able to navigate the phone, perhaps copy the tracks to your computer in that fashion. You might then need to convert the track format (try GPSBabel, GPSVisualiser, GPS Utility or similar). This might get you around your problem as an interim measure.

:confused Hope this helps.


15th December 2012, 01:36 PM
I just had a gent in who has the Delta and an iPad and connects and transfers from PC to Apple no problems. He does this wifi to his PC but he says he believes the iPad is synchronised to his PC and possibly transfers through itunes. My Mrs says the same thing.

16th December 2012, 01:15 PM
Yes Nicko is correct in saying that you 'Can' do it through iTunes.... I not sure through land 7
I created a track called Smouch (Blue line)...TwoNav says its 10.69Km long
1 Open iTunes and within it select your iPhone/iPad's tab.
2 select the app's tab and then scroll way down towards the bottom of the "Apps Sharing" list and find TwoNav
3 Select TwoNav App and then on the right locate your track file
4 Select your .TRK file and press...
5 the 'Save too...' button
Which will save the file wherever you want.


16th December 2012, 03:44 PM
Within the program tabs , you select , Data ..... Next , then there is FTP WiFi , which suggests to me 'file transfer' . In Land 7 , the communications tab asks for FTP when an iPhone is selected so , is there any relevance to this tab ?

17th December 2012, 06:03 PM
Have you installed a FTP server on the iPhone?


TwoNav iPhone - FTP server
In this tutorial we will see how to simply communicate with your iPhone through a FTP server.
You will be able to quickly transfer tracks, routes, waypoints and maps.

Access to your data
Launch Filezilla. Click on “Open the Site Manager”.
Now enter the different fields with the properties of your iPhone (found on previous step).
Fill in the Host (specific to each connection), the Port, the User and the Password.
Click on connect.
You now can see the different folders of the TwoNav
application. You can access to Data, Maps, POI’s and Radars by double clicking on the right folder.
Just transfer all the files you want from your Computer to your iPhone. After having sent a file to your iPhone, you can delete it anytime with a right click.

20th December 2012, 08:04 PM
OK , I might have fluked the way to transfer tracks to Land7 from an iPhone .

From Land 7 , Communications tab , select iPhone , then in the iphone from the TwoNav (once connected to a wifi source), Data , Next then FTP Wifi . It will ask if you want to let 'Bonjour' find your phone (assuming you have itunes installed on your PC) . Once detected , your phone and tracklog files can be found in Storage files .