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Fling Flong
6th January 2013, 03:31 AM
I've been working on this free online tool which processes ASCII files of coordinates. I don't have any commercial aspirations, just doing it to learn programming in Python and a bit about the web for a change in scene.

Flexiable input formats
lat/long to UTM
WGS84 to GDA94 (yes shifts it all of ~1m. Although not useful for standard GPS if you are using say the commercial 10cm omnistar HP service and logging directly to a PC, not through a survey program this could be useful).
Extracts and appends Ausgeoid09 undulations to GDA94 datum data if you need AHD heights.

I'm presently altering the page which displays the WGS84 to GDA94 transformation parameters and block shift based on a location and year, however Ill get onto this shortly.

The next thing I want to add is a page which merges sequentially strings of data into a single row. For example if you log say GPS and a depth sounder to a single file on your PC, the data is in consecutive rows. This will merge the data into a single row and interpolate missing positions for easier mapping. Anyone into this or similar?

One down side is that once you submit the data you have to wait a 30 seconds or so for the return email to check if you configured the settings correctly.

Hope someone finds it useful.

16th January 2013, 08:30 PM
Anyone into this or similar?

Hi Justin,

I use an MS Excel formula to transform decimal lat/lon coordinates to Magellan format and vice versa. Probably nowhere near as ellegant as your programming, but it gets the job done. Pretty sure I've posted it here previously.

Simple workflow:

Copy required formula from "template" worksheet
Paste to as many rows as required (adjacent to original coords)
Copy results
Paste special - values (to remove the formulae)
Delete redundant base data