View Full Version : New Series Magellan GPSrs: eXplorist or Triton???

17th May 2013, 12:17 PM
Hi all,

As you might know from this other thread (http://www.gpsaustralia.net/forums/showthread.php?t=21027), I'm undertaking some testing (for maps) on a Triton 2000 and an eXplorist 310. Surprisingly, the 310, based on what I've found so far, has more in common with a Triton series GPSr, than with the earlier eXporists:

Detail settings
Zoom levels
Map backgrounds
Display of linetypes

IMO, they're based on the old Magellan eXplorist Communication Specification (I have Revision 0.7 dated August 30, 2005) and have been made to function as a "best fit" rather than Magellan developing a new specification to include the features of these two subsequent series of GPSr. While features such as additional zoom levels benefit the customer, they come at the expense of other features like detail settings and the ability to customise the maps. [Take a look at the screen captures from an eXplorist XL vs a Triton 2000 in that other thread for comparison].

It would appear that the new series are marketed as an eXplorist, because that model has a better rep in the marketplace than does Triton. (Didn't Ford do something like that when they incorporated the Meteor (?) as a sedan version of the previously "hatch only" Laser product line, to leverage the better reputation of Laser?).

Anyway, just my 2c worth based on my observations...


PS - Don't get me started on the quality/functionality of the maps available commercially from Magellan!