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21st June 2013, 04:11 PM
I'm not a total GPS noob, I've had TomTom units for years, but for my birthday my wife bought me an Oregon 650T,as we do a fair amount of bushwalking. It came preloaded with Oz Topo maps and I installed BaseCamp on my mac. Although it's pretty good for bushwalking, I'm having huge difficulties using the Oregon/Basecamp for car navigation.

Firstly i thought that it may be because i only had Topo maps, so I forked over $185 to get CityNavigator, and it's not much better.

I have the following problems, and I can't seem to resolve them.

1) Whenever I search for places in BaseCamp it searches in places like Arkansas, and New York - it knows my home is Australia becuase it tells me the search results are 16000 km's away.

2) i have no points of interest anywhere (at least not that I can find) - I've paid $700 for a unit, another $185 for what looks like redundant maps, and searching for "Lane Cove National Park" returns nothing at all. the POIs are there though, because if I search on the unit itself I get hits.

3) The screen in navigation is terrible - despite me setting zoom levels, trying to change details displayed, setting it to a Nuvi dashboard, the navigation when driving is dreeadful - it's fine for walking however.

I'm at the point of thinking I've wasted my money, so what am i doing wrong?


22nd June 2013, 02:01 PM

First of all, the Oregon series are a great GPS for the purpose it is designed for, hiking. Now it is capable of handling street navigation and marine charts as well, however, a serious user of street navigation or marine would use a dedicated device for those areas of use. The Oregon 650T already has a navigation map on it, however where was it bought from? Is it an Australian unit? With Basecamp I note that when I am not zoomed in in proximity to John Forrest National Park in WA I get no results. However, when I see it on the PC screen I do get a positive search result under POIs. I also note that if the location of the park is not fairly central to the map window then it can't find it and that varies depending on scale settings, so I'd say it is a bug or a limitation within Basecamp. In the case of Lane Cove National Park, I had to be central to the area of interest and then type in the address (Lady Game Drive) then either pan or select POIs for Basecamp to then locate Lane Cove National Park. In otherwords, you have to have some idea as to where it is and have it centralish on the screen before you can get a positive result for it. For the address I had to get down to 10km scale before Basecamp would list a result for the address but seems to have better search scale range for POIs. So, it seems to negate what it is suppose to do.

You can do one or all of the following: Use Google maps to find it first, or you do what gamers do, they place a dot in the centre of the screen or cross hair markers :lol2 or make a complaint to Garmin :boxing:

A 3" screen is not an ideal product for auto navigation around streets or marine, never has, never will.