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17th September 2007, 05:21 PM
Greetings guys - im new to this - so this may be a simple fix ,and i hope it is

Ok just got this receiver from ebay


12 chan receiver - Now i tried to install on my old lap top ( P800 ) with the needed drivers and then installed Oziexplorer

For the computer i went into the device hardware and changed all the settings such as Port 5 and baud rate 4800

then in oziexplorer i done the same settings ...

then opened the map -- clicked on GPS NMEA ONLY and then clicked set waypoints to gps

then CTL s to start communicating -- now once of twice it connect very quickly and show my location -- then other times it will not connect AT ALL

when i finally got it to connect - i went for a drive with it --- as soon as i went 20 feet -- it lost connection and would not reconnect at all just get the "NO FIX " message flash on the bottom right of screen

I then installed on a new pent 4 lap top -- and the home pc with similar results

is the reciever dodgey - or am i missing something >


17th September 2007, 11:19 PM
may have something to do with the baud rate