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Desert Rat Racer
18th December 2007, 06:44 PM
:help After running over my Navman with a 20 ton truck early yesterday morning I went out and bought a new one it's a Pioneer AVIC-S2 wot I would like to know is, wot is around for it in the way of mainly free map software for it and where's the best place on the net for them. It's not that I'm a cheapscate it's that being a feral shooter and not earning a lot of money we find it hard to make ends meet and would like just a little assistance on the mapping front. Navman stuff don't work in it, have tried. :coolest

18th December 2007, 07:21 PM
To be honest you should have asked before you purchased. Considering the $699 price tag I wouldn't say you didn't buy the cheap option. Roo shooters etc don't buy street navigators they buy handhelds that can use the free maps on or even a Garmin street navigator such as the Nuvi series. Free maps such as Shonkymaps, T4A, Contours Australia work handsomely on the Garmin equivalent to your Pioneer unit.

Some people here recommend a PDA rather than a PND as they are far more versatile than the PND for adding custom or free software. "Wot" can I say? :goodluck

Desert Rat Racer
27th December 2007, 02:36 AM
e do have an ordinary compass and I do know how to use it but at the price I got this unit a whole lot cheaper than the $600 odd I am pleased with it we have done test with it around local country Adelaide where we live an it is good, I was just hoping we would have to go out and buy an whole heap of maps. I have e-mailed Pioneer here in Oz an they say it is a good unit for wot we want to do but then they would say that so they can be proud of it, I'm just after some free maps for the time being til we're a little richer. As I said feral shooting doesn't pay a lot an we don't get paid to shoot roo's as they are not on our license of income, just as a pest shoot. Thanks for your help. :coolest

27th December 2007, 07:10 PM
What sort of maps does it run now? Is it a WinCE type device ?
I must admit I've never heard of this model before and its doubtful you can run anything but the maps it came with.


28th December 2007, 08:46 PM
If it's one of those maddening autorouting PND devices then the chances of finding free maps are very slim!

Like Nicko says.. you gotta do your research before you buy.

If it's a Win CE type device then you may be able to run OziCE on it and get all the free maps your heart desires!!.. although finding large scale maps of country SA is very hard!

Try to find out what operating system this Pioneer thing runs, and take it from there!