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1st September 2005, 09:22 PM
Hi all,
I just spent a day with my MeriColor and my new Discover Aus Street and Tracks TOPO.

I've never had a Garmin to compare against, so this is just my perspective of what I found, compared to what I expected from the maps!

This is the first set of detail maps I have bought for the unit, so I can't compare it against older versions of Magellan mapping software.

After loading the SD card and not seeing much improvement in the map detail I was a bit disappointed. But eventually I found the menu to reveal the detail map. Not very intuitive by Magellan, but once you set it, almost forget it!!
There were no instructions, but I found this by trial.
Press[MENU] and scroll down to Card Utilities.
From here scroll down to Change Map.
[ENTER] and scroll to the map(by state) of your choice. (mine is VIC).
On first sight of the detail topo map, I was amazed!!!
The detail shows small lanes I never knew existed in my area (home) :)
Definitely 10/10 for the detail of the map.
Topo info is very accurate, using some vic gov maps as reference
I was dissapointed by the performance of the Meridian with the topo map loaded though :mad:
Moving off and driving around (my day job as a courier was a bonus in this situation) the screen update rate (refresh) was very sluggish.
I had all waypoint options enabled at first, just to see where everything was, but this made for a very cluttered map screen, so I eventually disabled about half the waypoint categories. Things like Churches(Places of Worship), Sewage(WTF!) and Zoo, etc. I don't really care for Sewer waypoints :D
Having done this, the refresh rate seemed a little better, but still much slower than with the basemap only.
To be honest I could live with that, as I don't use the GPS for navigating my way around the city.
The other dissapointment was the speed/accuracy of the Meridian with the map detail set to the max.
I've been using the MeriColor for over 2 months for my own personal tracking and data logging features, using OziExplorer to download and display my daily track. I can then see how fast(oops! too fast yet again), how many km's, etc I did. I have only once or twice notice the unit track erratically, and only because I shut the unit off when in the CBD and upon restarting it would take 2 or 3 minutes to reaquire the 4th satellite. It would then plot a track all over the place like mad??
This morning when approaching the CBD, approaching an open area with some high rises, it began to wander :eek:
This was coming in with 6 or 7 sats on high reception then, BAM! just dropping reception?? I'm assuming that the CPU of the meridian was trying hard to cope with all the detail of the map, and struggling with sat/location proccessing power?? (Just a guess)
Again upon returning later in the day with half the waypoint categories off, the meridian worked much better in the CBD.
Performance overall (Meridian+topo map) I would rate 6/10. It just seemed to me that the meridian needs more processor power for this map!
note* I just loaded the track file in Ozi over my maps and the accuracy is still excellent, except for the entry into the CBD!

Ease of use, that is very good. I have no benchmark to compare against, and I've never had to search for anything before, but that was dead easy!!
Very intuitive, easy to enter the letters in the screen "keyboard" using the arrow pad.
I searched for St Patricks Cathedral (in Melb). By the 4th input (letter P) it gave me a list of all the St * churches.
So I tried to select St Pats, and the meridian restarted!! Wot tha!
I had another go, with the same result!!
Then I remembered that I disabled the 'Places of Worship' waypoint category! *Doh!* (this could be handled better by the reciever, like an error screen or something)
So I re-enabled the churches and presto! Info screen comes up with address of the church, the Lat/Lon postion info and the option to view the waypoint.
Great database, and info. I just checked some more info, and although I hadn't played with the database too much, there are restaurants listed by name, and category, Cafe or Restaurant !! etc, etc. too many POI's to list.
** Somebody send me a name of a Restaurant (kind of well known) and I'll see if it's listed.
There would be limitations to this database, like shops moving/closing etc...

One other handy feature of the TOPO map, is the the topo lines of course!! But it also gives the GPSr a new feature called Terrain Projection.
Meridian owners will know of the data fields you can customise when using the map screen. You can view your speed, direction or street info etc.
With this you can see how hilly the road/ground ahead is.
The data field at the bottom of screen shows a elevation projection of the road ahead. The distance of the projection is set by the map zoom level. Zoom out and the projection distance is greater. I can see this would be handy for pushbikers, walkers, anyone that is affected by the rise an fall of the ground ahead.

Overall I like this new map, by Magellan, although as stated previously I have no comaprison (yet!)
One of my mates has a copy of DAST(old) I will borrow, to make a comparison at some stage.
I think that the price of the map is 'OK', in my case 'worth it' only because I could look up a POI or street name. At some stage I will search some obscure ones.
I'm very happy with my purchase, and would recommend it as a buy, but tweak the detail to suit your pupose so it doesn't slow the GPSr too much.
Travelling is going to be easier now with this unit (and I hope there will be more in the near future), but as a courier this map is enough for me ATM.
Originally I was looking to get a 'Navman like' auto-routing GPS (the Garmin C320 and 26xx series looked ok), but at the pace I move (as a courier) it'll only slow me down.
Sometimes when trying to find an address in the country (very occasionally) this map set will now come in handy as source of info!

*note* I have noticed that sometimes you shouldn't rely on street names as gospel, on any maps. This map, as with all maps, are only as good as the info supplied to the map maker, at any given time and that they can change!
One example I found!
Yesterday (before I had a chance to use the topo on the Meridian), I had a delivery to an address in Kyneton (VIC) and used my ever trusty Vic Roads Country Street Directory.
The street name I was given was Harts Lane. This street name/type wasn't listed in the Kyneton area (there was Harts Rd), and there was a Harts Lane in Daylesford, 30(ish) Klms away!!
My experience, has always been to go with the name of a street in a location and assume the type(Rd, St, La) is wrong!
I arrive at Harts Rd in Kyneton, only to find that indeed it was really Harts Lane. If the people that build the streets can't get it right, what chance have the map makers and end users??
Needless to say it was listed (wrongly) as Harts Rd on the Magellan too!

Hope this helps anyone considering the map.
I would recommend it,but it's up to you to decide if its worth it.
It was for me!

cheers all.

2nd September 2005, 06:47 AM
Good job Art.

3rd September 2005, 11:25 PM
Ok I found what may be a bug (firmware or DASTtopo??).
When I search the database for a POI (eg. a restaurant by name), the first restaurant in the database is already pre-typed into the search name field.
I press [OK], the database will then give, what I think is, the complete database list of restaurants, from 101 Bar to Zio's Ristorante!
If I scroll down the list by the time I scrolled down to the fourth listing (181 Cafe Bar) the GPSr will 'reboot' to the welcome Magellan screen :mad:
If I turn off all POI's except Restaurants, I could eventually scroll down to the 7th listing (330 Red). These are all restaurant names.
I suppose that's not the way the database was meant to be accessed, and if you type in a name manually it will find that POI, but the problem does exist, for me at least!
I am on firmware 5.40, Meridian Color.
I found that with the Waste disposal POI's search, I could scroll down to the 14th listing before the GPSr will 'reboot'!!
I tested this 'feature' out with the VIC map, which appears to be the most compressed of all the img files(67Mb img file extracts out to 524Mb shp files).
I found the same bug (but to a lesser degree) in the NSW database, when searching the database, the unit will reboot, after scrolling down to about the 40th name on the list. I suppose that's better, but still not good enough Magellan :mad:
I suppose a firmware update is in order.................., or hopefully a processor upgrade :D
It just feels like the processor is struggling :confused:

EDIT: Upon further testing, it appears to be related to the size of the database, and maybe the type (???)
I did a seach for restaurants in the ACT. The database size is much smaller (couldn't really say how big, until I get a chance to check the dbf file), but I had no trouble scrolling down to the end and restart the cycle again!
Then I reloaded the VIC map, and searched the Road database by scrolling, without any problems (except for a tired finger!.......... I gave up before the Meridian did!)

4th September 2005, 12:53 AM
I finally worked out how to use fGIS (well enough to create 1 image :p )

MAP IMAGE (http://members.optushome.com.au/~arthurking83/Stuff/Vic_img_DAST_shp_fGIS.jpg)

This map is of the northern suburbs, Melb.
If anyone wants to have a look at the VIC map, I could "try"?? to send you a file I made in fGIS, but if you need the 524Mb of shp files, that'll be hard :o

The red roads are divided roads/freeways/tollways.
We have a recently completed (6-8months ago??) extention from the Northern Ring road to Cooper St Epping. ( and soon to be completed beyond, to the Hume Freeway) This road will complete the link from Albury to Craigieburn to the Melb CBD by Freeway!
DAST topo has it already completed!! (Thats the red road in the north, on the right. The red road in the centre north, is the current Hume hwy)
I doubt they have actually driven the 'road', but never the less, it's already there for posterity! (good work Magellan).

Yellow roads are major roads/highways, I made the streets brown for clarity (actually black on DAST), and the pink dash lines are walking tracks/bike tracks, etc. (actually black dotted and or brown dashes??)

The zoom level is hard to determine looking at this map, but I estimate you will this much of the map (with less detail) at the 2.5km zoom level.
I can't figure out why fGIS is teling me 1cm=0.5m on this map scale? That would make the average street 1/2 meter in length :confused:

I need to read up on the fGIS 'howto' files :rolleyes: (any hints would be appreciated)

4th September 2005, 07:09 AM
whats fgis

4th September 2005, 10:24 AM
whats fgis

Oops! I shouldn't assume :o

fGIS is a map viewing/making program.
It's free to download from.....

fGIS Downlaod (http://www.digitalgrove.net/fgis.htm)

You can load vector mapping (any GPS maps, once properly extracted) and view the resulting shape files.

I had a hard time to work out how to do most stuff (but I didn't really read any tutorials or help files).

WARNING: Using this program to load these magellan img files will make your computer run slow!
Loading a shp file onto the map takes forever, and once a large map(of VIC) with all 524Mb of shp files is loaded, panning and zooming, and adjusting, etc, is painfully slow. CPU usage of 100% for 3-4 minutes at a time to make your changes is not uncommon. Vector information must need lots of CPU cycles :confused:

I'll be looking to upgrade my 'puter to a XP4800 x2 and 4Gig of RAM if I do this vector mapping stuff ever again!

ps. There are other vector mapping programs(use Google!), and there are also free vector information downloads of the Geoscience 250K series maps (MIFS or ArcView etc..)
Geoscience 250K GIS info downloads (https://www.ga.gov.au/products/servlet/controller?event=PRODUCT_SELECTION&theme=Topography&theme=Digital+Elevation+Data&theme=Administrative+Boundaries&keyword=)


4th September 2005, 05:42 PM
does anyone use map info here its good with vector but expensive

8th September 2005, 08:02 PM
does anyone use map info here its good with vector but expensive

I'm not too sure :confused: but I believe if you use this software, you may be able to edit any magellan maps that are uploadable to the receiver.
By this I mean you can keep the database structure intact for the POI's, which is the most difficult part of the magellan maps!
I'm sure that with even with free GIS software like fGIS, I can edit a shape file, like a road or river or whatever, and recompile it into the magellan maps.
This is not easy to do, but 'do-able'.
My main reason for using GIS software was only to view the road/tracks/hydrology extent of the new DAST topo maps.

DAST 'old' looks like a really good program to use (I just borrowed a copy from a friend for comparison with the new topo maps).

The Explorer
9th September 2005, 05:22 PM
My main reason for using GIS software was only to view the road/tracks/hydrology extent of the new DAST topo maps.

But isnt the DAST topo file in the wrong format for viewing (with any avalaible GIS program)...I assume you have to convert it first?


9th September 2005, 05:57 PM
But isnt the DAST topo file in the wrong format for viewing (with any avalaible GIS program)...I assume you have to convert it first?


DAST vector format (the image files) have to be 'extracted' before you can view them in any old GIS program.

I'm just about to complete my extracting process, as I was having trouble with three of the image files. QLD, WA and SA were not extracting properly.
The other 4 files extracted, and I have successfully loaded the VIC shape files into fGIS(vector mapping program)

I will create a new post on extracting the image files and viewing them in a mapping program.
This process so far has only netted the shape files, but not the database info (POI's) so you only see the rivers, roads, lakes etc... No Names (yet!)

edit: as an example I extracted the VIC map from the new DAST topo, and wanted to view all of the VIC map in one go on the PC. as there is no PC software as yet for the new topo maps, I extracted the image and created a map in fGIS.
This is a small example of Hume Hwy, Northern Ring Rd area (http://members.optushome.com.au/~arthurking83/Stuff/Vic_img_DAST_shp_fGIS.jpg)

I had to adjust some parameters for colour of roads, color of lakes etc...
all roads were black lines, and using fGIS I made them look as they would on the MeriColor, with DAST topo.


24th September 2005, 09:31 AM
Hi there,
after reading most threads and being new to this, i have just one question.
i have a magellan platinum and on my computer ozi explorer. i want to use my gps for riding my bike on mostly dirt tracks and a bit bitumen. to keep all this navigating simple, my understanding is this: if i get for my computer and ozi explorer the natmap raster premium 2005 from geoscience australia and for my magellan the new dast topo, i will be able to plan my trip on ozi explorer with waypoints etc. and then download them to my gps with dast topo on it, i would be pretty well covered. is this correct ? are these the most convenient and accurate maps for what i want to do with them ?
every opinion is greatly appreciated as i get quite confused with all the info out there.

24th September 2005, 11:30 AM
Hi Oliver,
I have used Ozi to plan a small trip, using only main roads, by creating waypoints to navigate to.
I then used these waypoints to create a route, and upload the route to the Meridian.
It works well (only just!!) in that you know where you want to head to.
eg. a road junction, and if you need to turn L or R.....
The only problem with this method is that the GPSr is always suggesting to turn this way and that, while you're on a main road, as the road twists and turns ;)

So I guess the next step is using Ozi to actually create a track that follows the road. I reckon the process would be a bit more involved, creating the track. Worth the trouble(??) :confused:

Accuracy is very good, both on the Natmap and DAST maps.
Expect the reciever to be in a close proximity (~5-10m) to where you want to be.

Have fun planning, and let us know how you go! :)

25th September 2005, 07:50 AM
Thanks arthurking83. i will try to create tracks i think as i can remember how annoying it was to see these direct lines(waypoint to waypoint) on the screen.
one more question: is the new dast topo more accurate than the old or normal dast in regards to tracks and firetrails.? is it worth the extra money?
did they update the maps?
thanks again for all replies.

25th September 2005, 09:34 AM
Good stuff there arthurking83,I usually use Global Mapper for mapmaking and it works well although you need to register in order to save or convert files.
Using Globalmapper you do get the names so this seems be a limitation of fGIS and oziexplorer.
Regards Charlie

25th September 2005, 09:42 PM
......one more question: is the new dast topo more accurate than the old or normal dast in regards to tracks and firetrails.? is it worth the extra money?
did they update the maps?......

If you have the old version of DAST, then I would say it's not worth the ~$400(ish)!! Wait too see if they bring out an "update version" for say $200 or so!
If you don't have DAST at all, then it's definitely worth the money.

Remember there is (as yet??) no PC software for the topo, so you can't see what the map layout really looks like on a big screen. That's why I went to the trouble to extract the images, to see them in a mapping program.
BUT read one of my earlier posts about one or two problems/bugs!!! It slows down the Meridian, and in some cases causes it to crash/reboot!!
I can't comment on how well it works on an Explorist, as the map formats are different.
Therefore you have to specify if you have an Explorist or Meridian!

Accuracy is great, as far as I've seen in Victoria. I've yet to travel into another state, but if the VIC map is anything to go by, I'd have 99.9% faith in the maps.
Of course, as with any map, new roads are getting built every week, so expect those roads not to show ;)

If having topo information on the GPSr is not important to you, then save money and get the old DAST, if you want extra info on POI's, like restaurants, and waste stations, and zoos!! :D , the go with DAST topo.

I'll try to get a hold of a Digital camera sometime soon to take some screen shots (I love technology, but I've yet to find a DCam that I can justify it's price :rolleyes: )

For trail/mountain bikers, the terrain projection/horizontal profile option on the map screen would be very handy/useful.
It gives you an elevation profile of the terrain ahead!
ie. are you heading towards a cliff, or are you about to fall off the edge! :D

26th September 2005, 07:18 PM
thanks for all the info. it is a big help to talk to somebody else than a salesperson in a shop. thanks again.
see ya

27th September 2005, 08:54 PM
I believe that it is $250 to upgrade from DiscoverAus to DiscoverAus Topo

For this you get DAT on a 512MB card (you need to specify Meridian or eXplorist format) and a copy of the CD when it becomes available

5th October 2005, 04:36 PM
I believe that it is $250 to upgrade from DiscoverAus to DiscoverAus Topo

For this you get DAT on a 512MB card (you need to specify Meridian or eXplorist format) and a copy of the CD when it becomes available


Scroll through this post regarding info on DAST V1 upgrade to DAST Topo, etc. DAST -v- GDT (http://www.gpsaustralia.net/forums/showthread.php?p=3582#post3582)


6th October 2005, 08:53 PM
I'm back!

Ok I've been playing some more with DAST (original) and I'm not too sure if I created the problems or that's how it works!
I created 3 regions for Victoria, 2 @ 16Meg, and one @ 10Meg (West, Central and East)
If I pan around with the zoom level and reach the "border" of two regions, I see the region border line! More annoyingly, if I have the the screen set at zoom equal or less than 2.5km zoom level and the 'border' is visible, then I can see only half the map!
ie. I get a map screen with only half a picture, depending where I pan to or from and the border line of the regions as the separator!!

{The screen refresh rate is woefully slow, slower than DAST topo!! I suspect
{an .ini file needs to be modded to show less detail at the outer zoom levels
{With 'topo' if I zoom out to 700m I only get the large roads(yellow) or bigger
{on screen. With DAST v1 at zoom level 2.5km, the screen is an unintelligible
{mess of "black" with some, just visible, yellow lines that make up some of
{the major roads.
{I may have created the 'map' wrong as this is the first time I've created and
{uploaded a DAST map ??
{And I know that the detail level is adjustable in the map.ini or config.ini file,
{where you can specify what detail(layers) are visible at a given zoom level!
I stuffed up the process of creating regions, they need to be overlapped, just a bit to display both sides of the map correctly!
AND!! the screen refresh rate of DASTv1 while on the move is faster, at the inner zoom levels, (350, 180, 80, 35m).
I guess it's fair to say that DAST topo, slows down your Meridian, more than DASTv1 !! (I suppose there is more data to uncompress, and read!)
When zooming in or out with DASTv1 fully loaded on a 256M SD the screen is still slower to draw the map!!
And hopefully when the CD of DAST topo arrives, it will give you an option to upload only some parts of some regions (as with DASTv1), to reduce the strain on the GPSr !!

The detail of the DAST v1 seems acceptable, you could navigate your way around Victoria, without too much drama. DAST topo is better (as expected with updated data and twice the amount!!)
As an example with Victoria, the Topo Vic image is about 12 Meg more than an 'equivalent' v1 Vic image (not too sure how much the topographical data amounts too?)

So If I was an existing DAST v1 owner, would I upgrade to Topo, at about $250?
Depends on your usage?
If you load map files from DAST v1 in small amounts, and are happy to change and upload new images as you require! Then $250 is a lot of money :confused:
If you're like me and like to get the most out of your toys, (and want to impress your mates and get details of restaurants in other states :rolleyes: ) and you want the latest data, and hopefully better screen refresh rates, etc, etc........You may find the $250 easier to justify.

I must make a point here!!
I'm no 'money-bags'....I earn an average wage, and have 2 young kids to support! Pay off a mortgage, wife works part time,.........sound familiar?
Bu!! There are some things you "Just Gotta Have"
And a GPS and good maps always come first!................ ;)

8th October 2005, 02:37 PM
Anyone that has DAST v1 and uploads images to the reciever should read HERE (http://www.gpsaustralia.net/forums/showthread.php?p=3640#post3640) too

23rd October 2005, 11:24 PM
More bad news :o

We were on holidays, the DAST topo maps were great, I navigated around Canberra, with much less "confusion".
I even corrected my wife as to the way to the motel! She spent the best part of 16 years in Canberra!
DAST topo - 1, Wife - nil :D

Whilst looking for a particular resaurant/cafe to meet the in-laws.
The restaurant name came up OK in the DAST database, but try to view the location, which only resulted in the GPS powering down (ie. - CRASH!!).
All waypoints were enabled in the map setup, correct map was selected as detail map etc....(all possibilities to reduce the chance of repeated crashes were tried)
I'd like to hear from anyone else with DAST topo, that can confirm this problem. (before I email NextDestination)
The only way to see where the cafe (Tosolini's) was located (Manuka) was, by using the detailed info (street address) and then doing another search for that detail info!
Wife wasn't impressed :D (I think she was up until that point!!)
DAST topo - 1, wife - nil, but still unimpressed!

I thought the change from one region to the next was going to be a problem, especially from VIC to NSW to ACT! But it really wasn't.
You can clearly see the 'end of the universe' coming on screen, where the main road/highway/freeway just disappears at a strange point (the map/region boundary).
Within 30 seconds I loaded the new detailed map (yes whilst driving...the button sequence is easy, minimising the 'eyes off the road" time.)

ps. Bermagui(NSW) is a nice place (sleepy, quiet, quaint....kind of nice! The way I like it!)

Oh yeah! and I read a lot about the innaccuracy of the height (elevation) data from GPS's.....
It was always within 2-10 meters, when 'correct' elevation data was available. I realise that a aircraft pilot wouldn't rely on such info, but just to get an approximate feel for your elevation data while driving, this is more than acceptable!

24th October 2005, 08:07 PM
I havenít found that problem arthur, I havenít actually had the unit crash using DAST topo since I have started using it (touch wood). I am wondering though is there any way to speed up this software? When it is drawing a map of anywhere built up it can take damn ages! I turned off most of the weigh points as I read you did in an earlier post and this helped a bit. Maybe Iím expecting a little too much, as I donít have any previous GPS/mapping software experience to compare it to. Is this the problem of the unit or the software? I would have thought the eXplorist being the latest and greatest would have been a lot faster that it seems...?

Will running through a laptop when the CD comes out improve its performance?

24th October 2005, 09:32 PM
G'day J..
I'm assuming you're using an explorist??
Where I'm having trouble with the Meridian Color is, when searching the database for a restaurant.
eg. looking up Tosolini's in Manuka, Canberra. There are 2 entries for Tosolini's, the second listing is the one I wanted, when I hit the [VIEW] option the GPSr just switched off!
Same when searching the VIC and NSW restaurant database, just scrolling down to view all entries, after some time of scrolling the unit would shut down!

That was on firmware 5.40!

I just 'updated' ;) back to 5.12 (as recommended on a yahoo chat room) and the database now works better, but the map looks sh!t on the GPSr screen :mad: And slower draw rate to boot!(not by much).
So, I guess until Magellan bring out another firmware revision, Meridian users are stuck with some issues.

The only way I know on how to get the map screen to update faster is to create smaller region files in DAST for upload onto the SD card.
We, 'Topo' users, will have to wait till NextDestination release the CD rom of the topo software to modify our SD cards.
I was playing around with DAST v1 and loaded some maps onto an SD card.
I varied the region sizes a fair bit and found that the smaller regions did draw much quicker on the GPS screen.
I wouldn't go back to DAST v1 for maps just for this reason though, the topo maps are so much better!
So when the PC software gets mailed out to us, I hope we can use it to modify what maps we each want to load on our SD card, or at least load varied maps regions to other SD cards.

For Meridian color owners, firmware v5.12 for better database, v5.40 for better looking maps.


We need to (collectively) let Magellan know we are not happy with firmware 5.40!


28th January 2006, 08:16 PM
I have finally settled on fw v5.36.

It seems to work best for both the MeriColor performance AND the database search.
Haven't had a crash searching the database since about Nov or so when I loaded it (has it been that long?)

There was one time when the Color just reset itself?
Middle of the day, clear sky, no warning, and BAM! i looked up and found myself somewhere in the USA???

It reset itself, losing all waypoints, location info, etc........


Hasn't done it again, so I reckon it wasn't a firmware thing...............

All is running fine now.
But I'd still like to hear from anyone else using DAST topo (especially with a Meridian)

2nd May 2006, 05:34 PM

I have been looking at buying the Topo version of Discover Aust, but have reservations as to any inprovement other than showing the topo lines.

I am also in Melb and would be interested if they have updated the Eastern freeway to Springvale rd to a major road. On the 1st edition it barely shows up at all.

Also the Corner of Stud and Ferntree Gully Roads was missing completely including an area about 3km in all directions.

It also did not show the Bloomfield and Old Tele Tracks in FNQ. or any other tracks up there.

2nd May 2006, 06:49 PM
I am also in Melb and would be interested if they have updated the Eastern freeway to Springvale rd to a major road. On the 1st edition it barely shows up at all.

Yep it's freeway all the way to S'vale Rd...but the new Eastern Bypass is only the dotted line (same as the Ring Rd in DASTv1).

Corner of Stud and Ferntree Gully Roads was missing completely including an area about 3km in all directions.

Seems fine on DAST topo....nothing missing!

BTW...my DASTv1 seems fine at Stud and FTG rd's....
Is your missing intersection on the GPSr screen or on the PC?

I did notice a strange kink in Stud rd, south of there....just north of Wellington rd!! :rolleyes:

DAST topo has lots of new up coming freeways showing (that it really shouldn't :p )
The Deer Park bypass (not due for completion till???)
The Calder fwy extension to Faraday (due in 2009!)

That would make navigating a bit confusing for "non locals" though!!


6th May 2006, 04:48 PM
Stud Road is only missing on the GPS (Meridian Colour). shows Ok om PC. mine also showing the right angle kink near Wellington Rd.

The way Bracksy going will not still be alive when any other freeways are finished, so they are abit optomisitc.

Have they improved the tracks on Cape York?. would have thought the Old Telegraph track would have been marked on the 1st edition, as it has been around for a while and is a major 4wd route, as are the bypass roads.

The Top of Australia is also showing about 200m offshore according to GPS track

6th May 2006, 04:50 PM

My apologies, Thank you for your assistance.

Did not read previous post before submitting,must be having more seniors moments than I thought..

6th May 2006, 08:00 PM
Hi aljohno,

The Darwin area is a huge laugh on DASTv1....but who goes to Darwin? ;)

Haven't really check much of anything other than quite a bit of Melb(and outer areas), and any other anomalous points that people have pointed out.

11th May 2006, 06:25 PM

Picked up this tip which may be handy.

Thanks to "jvavrus2000"
With the 3.08 version of the Meridian firmware, size restrictions on the size of map files have been removed.
However, the existing MapSend software does not know this, and will try to restrict the size of maps unless told
First, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the MapSend installation directory. This should be under C:\Program
Files\Magellan. Open the MAPSEND.INI file using your favorite text editor. Inside this file, there is a parameter
called "Conv_Memory_Size" which is the maximum region size in bytes. Multiply this number by four, and you
should be able to have much larger regions. If this line does not exist, then add the following line (case sensitive)
under the [Device Defaults] section:
Note that the larger the region is, the longer your computer will take to process this region. Processing a 64MB
region is likely to take a very long time. You are much better off making smaller maps, and loading multiple map
files on your SD card, as described in question 13.
Large maps do have some side effect. The larger the map, the more likely the map is to suffer from corruption. Maps
larger than 30MB are prone to corruption and very large maps can result in slow screen updates (Topo seems to be
more sensitive to this than S&D). To minimize the chance of corruption during map generation, run the Mapsend
software to create the maps and do not run any other programs, surf the net, check your email Ė nothing, nada, nil.
Donít even think about touching your computer.

11th May 2006, 08:53 PM
.....been making 256Meg maps for some time now!! :eek:

DAST doesn't 'appear' to be afflicted as much by the size limitation of other mapsends!!!
DAST does have some trouble with processing or converting the map image

When my computer was a "much more fresh/stable/reliable/fast" system I'd made a 230(ish) DAST image of Aus....can't seem to do it any more!
(I need to do a clean install)

Funny thing is, DAST topo, only comes on SD card, so not user configurable, the images are configured on a state by state basis.
QLD is 117Meg, NSW is 72Meg, VIC is 66Meg......so it looks like Next Destination have configured their software very well, indeed :confused:
(except the bug where a Meridian with firmware 5.40 can't do proper searches!!)

2nd February 2007, 12:28 AM
Could you tell me what the Topographical details are like. I mean is it 10 meter graduations or 20 meter?

As to the Road / Track details have you been able to compare them with Garmins "City Navigator v7" ?
I live in Country Vic and was wondering how they compare espescially country roads.


2nd February 2007, 09:38 PM
topo lines are 5 meter intervals.. way too detailed to be of much use in real life.... 10 meter would have been the maximum, 20 meter better!

Roads info is 'the best'!!

only road I haven't found(as yet) was in Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic (near Bendigo).

No maps had this street listed, went to the post office/general store, and the post master there knew of the street, but didn't know it's location!

it was around the corner and down about 500meters! :p

(non issue)..

I'm still yet to drive to 1 in 10 track, even tho it's the first street address listed when you do a search(in Vic) on a GPS... sounds ... errr.... interesting! ;)

Streets info/detail is 10/10 so far! :mighty

2nd February 2007, 09:40 PM
I live in Country Vic and was wondering how they compare espescially country roads.


I can upload a screen shot of an area, in your location if you like... give me a co-ordinate to centre on.. :)

3rd February 2007, 12:40 AM
That would be great if you can upload some screen shots :)

Here are 2 locations close by me:

S38 11.789
E146 32.276
S38 19.886
E146 32.620

Thanks for your time.

3rd February 2007, 12:48 AM
Roads info is 'the best'!!

only road I haven't found(as yet) was in Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic (near Bendigo).

There are alot of roads in my town that aren't even on the maps the realestate agents hand out so I don't expect them to be on any GPS software. Even the road I live on is not shown correctly on most maps and I built it nearly 3 years ago. The Hyland Hwy has changed due to the coal mining in the area and is now shown several kilometers from its new (current) course but i'll be interested to see the detail in the pics :)

3rd February 2007, 08:49 AM
Do you live out Morwell way?

I remember the Hyland hwy re-alighnment! I was out that way in Jun '06

I turned right thinking to myself... :confused as it indicated on the map to head to Traralgon, but stopped shot at the cyclone fence!
Wasn't a problem as I was out taking photos :hatoff

But I suppose that's the problem with maps.. they need to be changed every so often!

With the older PC based DASTv1, U can use an addon program called AddMagMap(US$35) that allows you to edit the maps using various sources, including your own tracks.
It edits the maps on the PC, which you upload back onto the card.. unfortunately can't be used for DAST topo! :thumbsdow

3rd February 2007, 11:25 AM
Do you live out Morwell way?

I remember the Hyland hwy re-alighnment! I was out that way in Jun '06

I turned right thinking to myself... :confused as it indicated on the map to head to Traralgon, but stopped shot at the cyclone fence!

I now live in Traralgon which as you probably know is next town along after Morwell and I think from memory that the Hyland re-alignment was completed back about 2002 - 2003 (when I still lived in Morwell). My 1:25000 VicMap shows the new alignment as a faint dashed line.
As we walk in Traralgon regularly I've also found 2 roads (that join) shown on my VicMap that do not and never have existed. I've even rewalked the area after seeing the map and thinking how could I not remember that road. Sure enough one end would pass through our Rubbish Transfer Station and the other end is a farmers paddock.