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1st June 2008, 08:42 PM
g'day, new to the forum but i've been looking into the magellan units for a while and still haven't been convinced enough to buy one yet, the other option was the garmin colorado but scroll wheels frustrate me. have you guys had any news on the firmware upgrades for every review i have read on the net about the tritons have been bad due to firmware faults, and most ppl returned them to the store even after they updated their firmware. The triton 2000 does seem like an awesome unit and i have found them for about $360 on ebay(from US) inc. shipping. Is their anything that rivals this unit in specs and features. that is touchscreen ?

2nd June 2008, 12:45 PM
I have shifted your reply as you had placed it in the wrong section. As to your question rivalling in features etc for the 2000, well no, because no other handheld G{PS has a camera or touch screen; well the Triton 1500 has a touch screen but be aware you will need to understand the issues with US basemap before you buy on ebay. Also, if the unit fails don't return it to the Australian Magellan disto because they will send it back to you without even looking at it. You need to read the posts in this section to then decide if you want the hassle associated with buying a US model.