View Full Version : Does anyone have a Lowrance GPS?

9th September 2005, 10:56 PM
As the title asks!

I have an Eagle(sub-division of LEI) Accumap Sport, bought in 1998.
I think(??) one of the first handheld mapping capable GPSr available, with a HUGE! 2Mb of mapping ability(upgradeable to 4Mb). I think they were introduced in 1996.

One reason for me asking is that you either have a Garmin XYZ or a Magellan ABC.
There were once so many manufacturers GPSr's available in Aus, but now it's the "big two" and maybe the odd maker like Uniden, and an assortment of USB, BT and Navman, TomTom or PDA types.

When I was looking to buy a handheld GPSr (eventualy settled on the Merdian Color) I contemplated an Explorist too, and a Garmin C320 or 26xx series.
But It came down to a Lowrance iFinder or a Meridian.
Meridian, because a mate has one, and it's features, and maps(detail).
iFinder, beause it appears to have the best feature set of any handheld.
Big screen(although not in color) and, what struck me as very handy, dual CPU's!!
I'm playing around with my Meridian and DAST topo, and cursing the slow refresh rate of the reciever.
I can't help thinking....I wish it had dual CPU's.

They are not readily available like the Magellan or Garmin range, and generally the dealer will be a marine shop, and only stock the fixed mountedGPS/fishfinder/depth sounder type units!

I hope someone out there has an iFinder and can give us a brief performance review.

....but then again it'll probably be so good, that i'll be regretting the MeriColor :o