View Full Version : OzTopo V2

9th June 2008, 05:00 PM
I was asked a question today regarding OzTopo V2 and I was stumped, does it navigate to an address? I thought, it must do but I was not 100% certain. So, as the Garmin GPS60Cx Hire unit with OzTopo V2 arrived back today I decided to check and yes it does, but only as the crow flys. Not that is a bad thing because I can see the roads I have to navigate to get to it quite easily. This would make the OzTopo V2 equivalent to Metroguide in that side of things. The advantage OzTopo V2 has, is of course it has 10 metre contours and Topographic data at 1:25k scale. Metroguide RRP is $179 inc. freight and OzTopo V2 RRP is $229 inc. freight.

Can anyone tell me is the extra $50 for 10 metre contours and detailed topographic maps worth the extra $50?


Don't bother I already know!