View Full Version : Autorouting Shonky?

4th July 2008, 11:40 AM
If you felt the ground moving just now, it was only me thinking. The thought was, how much work is involved in getting a product like Shonky Maps developed to be an autorouting product. Once we have an autorouting product, how hard is it to then port the map to other Satellite Nav systems like TomTom etc. Is it legal to port a map to someone elses system? I know they have done both of these things in New Zealand with their excellent free maps for Garmin (not TomTom).
Where am I heading with this is?.....Allow businesses to advertise their locations and contact details via poi's and then offer a free map (with the included poi's) to as many platforms as possible. A small fee for the addition of the business details (Yellow Pages have been doing this for years except their fees are not small) and it may pay Shonky or someone like him, to do the development. This would encourage regular updates, at least annually, as each time a new map comes out, the poi's subscribers would be subject to a new fee. I would like to think that the users who get a quality map for free would contribute to the update information like Opensource.
Given the popularity of sat-nav devices, this form of advertising would be getting more desirable all the time.
Would this work?

4th July 2008, 09:08 PM
CompeGPS Land software can do it. I have it on my Laptop and have found it to be an excellent program, however, it';s not ready to produce maps for Garmin.