View Full Version : Ignition switched bluetooth GPS for car

7th July 2008, 12:18 PM

I am looking for an ignition switched bluetooth GPS to mount in my car. Currently I am using a Holux 236 powered off a ignition switched power source, with the 236's battery removed. However, the problem is that as the battery is removed, it does a cold start whenever the ignition is switched on so it is slow to get a fix.

I believe the Holux 239 (http://www.holux.com/JCore/en/products/products_content.jsp?pno=251) could be switched off and on with the ignition, and it has a backup battery to preserve its current state. However this unit is no longer readily available.

Does anyone know of any other bluetooth GPS units available that can be configured to switch on and off with a 12 volt power supply so they are only on then the ignition is on but also have a backup battery so they get a quick fix when powered on ?

Thanks in advance

7th July 2008, 01:34 PM
I have a 239 in stock $129 plus freight

7th July 2008, 08:33 PM
i have a holux 236 as well and i run mine controlled by the ign. with the battery in, so when ign is off runs off its own batt. when ign is on charges battery, been running this way for over 12 months, gets almost instant fix when i turn on ign,have just received my new holux 1000b,great unit, picks up sats. in my garage from cold in seconds, bluetooth works very well, just thought i would mention that :hatoff