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3rd October 2005, 01:03 PM
Hi All,
recently purchased a gps mouse with intent to make my laptop a moving map for my off-road trips. I know this is as common as mud, but to an aging techno quarmby I am seeking advice. I have been pointed to the pommy GPSS software site, which seems to work well I believe, but am seeking other advice on what is a good program for Australia region, is compatable with a range of mapping software and also a snapshot of the price of the maps.
Appreciate any inputs
Fieldy ;)

3rd October 2005, 01:39 PM

We use oziexploer. Their web site is oziexplorer.com.

It took a little bit of playing arround to get it working. Main problem was setting up the com ports via usb. But runs well as long as we put the GPS mouse in the same usb port.

3rd October 2005, 02:50 PM
Oziexplorer is a really popular choice for this. There's a bunch of others like Fugawi, Google earth etc, but Ozi gets my vote.

As for maps, there's topographic maps for NSW/ACT area available for free download from this forum. They're in an oziexplorer specific format, at scales of 1:25k and 1:100k.

Other maps worth looking at are the LPI Stateview maps, which has a couple hundred maps of NSW ranging from 1:1M scale down to 1:5k town maps. Great for touring, but not much use off road. At $30, it's still a good deal.

Also, there's the Natmap 250k set, which is about $100 and covers all of oz, but only at the scale of 1:250k. Once again, not much use off road.

LPI also sell a 'Topoview' series of 7 CDs, covering NSW at 1:25k and 1:100k. These maps are a bit outdated, and are around $160 per CD from memory, making it a very expensive collection.

If you go with Oziexplorer, your best bet would be to get hold of the LPI Stateview maps, and the free NSW set. That should pretty much cover you within NSW and ACT.

3rd October 2005, 07:32 PM
LPI also sell a 'Topoview' series of 7 CDs, covering NSW at 1:25k and 1:100k. These maps are a bit outdated, and are around $160 per CD from memory, making it a very expensive collection.
LPI said there was going to be a DVD made last june(not made yet) with all the CD,s for about $100

4th October 2005, 04:52 PM
I'd just like to add my 2 bobs worth. I use OziExplorer with my laptop connected a Garmin GPS 60 with external antenna for moving map navigation. The basic maps I use are the Natmap Raster Premium. At 1:250k they ideal for most travelling. If you are into outback travel have a look at the Hema Great Desert Tracks. These maps cover much of central Australia at 1:1250k. Hema also have digital maps of some special areas such as the Simpson Desert, Fraser Island and Kimberlies. As others have said, there are some 1:25k and 1:100k maps available on this site. If you are into desert travel the Landsat imagery available on the Natmap DVDs or at higher resolution on the NASA site (https://zulu.ssc.nasa.gov/mrsid/ ) is very useful. Have a look at the Oziexplorer site (http://www.oziexplorer.com/) for more details of maps

8th October 2005, 02:34 PM
Would Ozie explorer be better than Destinator 3 for my casio

8th October 2005, 02:45 PM
Hi Johno,
I've never used Destinator (any version), but they are made for different purposes!
If you have Ozi it's great for moving map mode because of the different map images you can use! BUT it won't do auto-routing (tell you where to turn!)
Destinator will probably be useless without the right maps!!
These maps will be in a vector format, so they will look 'cartoonish'. That is a requirement for any Routing Software!!

They will be expensive to buy, as they take a lot of work to compile, whereas raster images are just like photos or drawings. It's easier to take a photo, compared to compiling as database ;)

Horses for Courses!!

18th October 2005, 09:48 AM
Destinator includes "maps" but these maps are the areas that cover all of Australia except off road and marine. What you see in your street directory is what you see when you buy Destinator. Destinator is not a program you import your own maps, it's a self sufficient program.

18th October 2005, 06:10 PM
Has Anyone ever tried GPSS?? I have had it on the laptop for a while and never got around to it. Ozi is great but what do you think of GPSS in Melb?? :confused: