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10th August 2008, 09:48 PM
No free advertising, no p o r n, no drugs, not warez, no chat about cracked software and no links or files uploaded that circumvents the authors copyright allowed on this site and any other issues I or the moderators deem a threat to the well being of this forum; in other words we don't want to be threatened with legal action thank you very much!

Once registered you can change your member name and/or password and email address by clicking on the "My Profile" tab at the very top right handside of the page.

Do not reply to a current thread if your reply is not relevant to the original post. You must create a new thread in the applicable forum.

When saying hi in the "New member introductions" forum it is best to avoid including questions or opinions etc but to put such questions and opinions etc into their respective sections. That way it makes it easier for others to locate questions and answers in the right forum easily and quickly which in turn avoids us from spending time shifting replys, re-answering the same questions and chastising you for not observing forum protocol. In some cases we may delete the reply to make a point or if it is too time consuming to do otherwise.

Do not place the same comment in different sections as a means to get someone to answer your problem; everyone will have seen your original comment including myself and the 6 moderators and if you receive no answer then it most likely means we do not have an answer.

Do not post frivolous comments, it just means we will delete them. If you are not able to download the free maps, there is always the online shop to buy the free maps. The maps are free but postage and packaging etc is not :)

Lurking is fine, spamming and selling your wares without permission is not. Manufacturers and distributors have their own section and can freely post their products and about themselves in there without needing permission. Retailers cannot advertise without permission or payment first. Individuals selling one off items can place an ad in the "Classifieds" forum.

Manufacturers and Distributors can utilise the Manufacturers's and Distributors Forum found HERE (http://www.gpsaustralia.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=75)

Any links to online auctions such as eBay are not allowed and may be removed as well as from sites that promoted grey/parallel imports (none authorised dealers). The main reasons are that many sites supply goods that do not comply with consumer rights and often are using maps and software that are illegal or not described correctly.

Some sections of the forum (also known as forums or sub forums) may have "Read before posting" thread. You must read it because if you don't you will do something that will annoy us :grnmonstr

You can link to a youtube video clip if it helps people understand better.

Last but not least attempt to remain friendly at all times without taking offense to comments that are more than likely tongue in cheek. Use Smilies to express your point, it helps people see how your saying it :)