View Full Version : Interference on screen

14th August 2008, 03:52 PM
Hi all.

I recently setup a carputer in my car.

It is an asus laptop amd 3000 that is velcroed under the seat,which connects to a no name vga 7inch screen i bought off ebay.

It has a cigarette lighter style battery pack that is hard wired at both ends(going over bumps would cause it to power switch)to accessories.The screen is hardwired to constant 12volt.

The problem is that when the ignition is on i get wavy interference.It's fine with the ignition off.i connected my home monitor to the laptop with power from the wall and it's fine whether the ignition is on or off.If i need some type of filter,where would i connect it?

The car is a 2006 kia rio and it runs xp home with centrafuse.

any help would be appreciated.